view a movie. After the movie, the father’s young daughter required to use the lavatory. The girl entered the ladies room only to be molested by a man waiting inside this facility. Due to the vast immoralities of the society, a possible solution to this increasing problem is to provide a children’s lavatory for parental accompaniment at places where this is feasible.

Approximately twenty five years ago I acquired a children’s book for daughter and son at a yard sale titled “Three Big Hogs” by Manus Pinkwater. This book is an amusing story about three domestic hogs who were cared for by a farmer who one day stopped feeding them. The three pink hogs then set out to find food but soon realized that if they remained in the neighborhood, they would become food. So they ventured into the woods and foraged for themselves. Within a short period of time they grew long hair on their bodies and grew tusks on their heads becoming wild boars which adapted them to be able to survive in this wild environment. Prior to obtaining internet service, I wondered if this situation was true of domestic animals that escaped into the wild. Years later and after rereading this story to granddaughter the same question resurfaced and piqued my interest. So now with internet service one discovered that some domestic animals do revert back to a wild state in nature provided they are able to survive long enough in a wild environment until these “evolutionary” changes are accomplished. Because of this fact, the theories of evolution as one believed and understood this discipline in the past, one now realized at this time to be completely false. Also one has noted “evolutionary” changes in people over recent years. Some people known to me appear differently than in the past. For examples eyes have changed from round to almond shaped, lips have changed from thick to thin, noses have changed from smaller to large or rounded to pointy etcetera.

During the course of this year, one became aware of a program where law enforcement officials could purchase a home for half the asking price through a special program where the only requirement was that the officer reside in the home for three years before re-selling the house. One wondered aloud and questioned to family who was paying for this program. One then surmised that likely taxpayers were subsidizing this exceptional offer to officers of the law. As most can realize, the above is another example of corruption.

In the spring and after acquiring and working at a “job” for several months that cost son, spouse, and I money as no money was earned at this “job” and expenses were incurred by son, son sought another job. I stated to son that working for any legitimate company where a salary was paid to him would be fine except for one particular corporation in the United States that I believed to be especially destructive. His resume was posted on line where several contacts from potential employers inquired of him further. Within a few days after stating to son that I did not want him working for this perceived destructive corporation, son was contacted by this company for an interview. After a few interviews, he was hired. Silently, I recognized this to be another attack by evil. Shortly, and within a few months after learning many of the corporate procedures concerning this job, son was dismissed from this “job” causing him a considerable emotional upset and distress.