In 1900 the population of world people was 1.65 billion. One hundred years later in the year 2000, the world population of people has been reported in recent times, to apparently exceed 6.07 billion people. So in just 100 years and by the year 2000, the world population of people had almost quadrupled. Also understand that during the past 100 years or so, huge populations of people have been murdered and died due to many horrific wars, genocides, abortions and infanticides, government devised famines, and overexposure to environmental toxins to suggest several calamities. In understanding these facts and under all these miserable conditions for many, still the world population of people remarkably has been stated to have quadrupled in a relatively short period of time. Therefore, it can be surmised that when evil societal forces interfere with a human being’s personal and private decisions regarding family matters and matters of religion, that general havoc is wreaked on the entire population of people. It is this author’s belief that in particular, extraordinary fertility rates have been God inspired to considerably increase for some groups and select nationalities of people during the past 100 years due to the interference by some human beings in the sole jurisdictions of God, regarding procreation. Also understand that through evil societal policies of gross immorality, a relatively few people have become extremely wealthy, powerful, and controlling of vast populations of people through the above stated murders, enactments of certain immoral laws and legislation, the incessant promotion of immorality within the society, coercion, brainwashing, mind control, and other strong arm measures that have dictated the very private and very personal aspects of the individual’s life.

One of the purposes of the writing of this abridged autobiography is to provide a historical record and an account of the typical common practices, methodologies, and generalities of this society during the past fifty plus years from this author’s perspective. Many specifics and details have been decidedly removed for the consideration of other’s personal privacies and to avoid additional trouble. Be forewarned that violators of this writer’s personal privacy may regret their decision to uncover more detailed facts regarding the incidences and stories presented in this book. Also beware that investigations into another’s personal privacy is in violation of at least one Law of God. Another reason for the writing of this book is to provide the reader with some autobiographical information regarding some of this writer’s life’s experiences which has led to some of the statements of Commentary shown at the end of this book. Other statements written in this section were the combined result of extensive research over the course of about ten years. Also, a recognition, sympathy, and empathy for people who were left ignorant of knowledge regarding history, religion, and science and how world events are interrelated with these subject areas, necessitated the writing of this book. Until provided with an antivirus protected internet access in August of the year 2002, this vital information was withheld from this author as well. However, if capable, free thinking adults still desire to engage in immoralities after reviewing the facts thus acquiring a competency of knowledge, then the consequences of illicit immoral behavior is probably deserved.

The hope is that future generations will be better able to recognize a society in decline through the reading of this autobiographical book and take the measures necessary to correct the small problems before overwhelming problems consume the society. Personal advice is offered throughout this book as well as through bibliography cited author’s written discussions and recommendations. In particular, and