scientific inventions and discoveries for the reader to perhaps analyze further. A retrospective containing a current personal interpretation of each year was also included to inspire reader discussion. Remarks on the historical accounts were posted to initiate and inspire a combined effort by many individuals to interpret and draw conclusions about specific kinds of current events and then realize the implications of these for society.

I became disgusted with a kitchen soap dish because water drained into the dish after using soap, scouring cloths, and steel wool pads. These items sat in the drained water and would quickly disintegrate. I decided to search the internet for a soap dish constructed of any material where a drain system was part of the soap dish purchase. Many soap dishes for a reasonable price were found but they contained no drain. Soap dishes with drains were available but were expensive as most cost above $15. Finally, a ceramic soap dish with a removable raised wooden slated drain was found for about $10. I still considered this price to be expensive for a soap dish but at least the problem was resolved. Another complaint and pet peeve of mine was the recommended temperature to bake some frozen prepared food products. I recognized that if one followed the instructions on the packaging for baking, this resulted in a burnt food product. I solved this problem by lowering the oven temperature by at least twenty five to fifty degrees from the stated temperature on the package. I also was annoyed at the lack of standardization of toothbrush handles. Prior to the 1990’s most all toothbrush handles fit inside toothbrush holders that were placed around a ceramic cup holder which was installed in most bathrooms at the time of a home’s construction. Today’s toothbrush handles due to their wide width, required the necessity to purchase a free standing toothbrush holder thus cluttering one’s bathroom vanity. The lack of a window crank option on the purchase of a new automobile was also found to create significant aggravation in the later years of a car’s ownership. The electric window opener notoriously faulted after several years of use thus requiring expensive repairs to be accomplished after being subjected to inclement weather entering one’s automobile. I also increasingly noticed that weather reporting throughout approximately a twenty year time frame regarding the amount of rain received in an area, was in extreme error. After raining an entire day for example, it was reported in some cases that one quarter of an inch of rain fell. Initially, I believed this grossly inaccurate measurement. Later and after viewing rain filled gardening pails left outside in the yard, I realized that some weather men and women were providing the public with false measurements. At other times it was reported that the day was cloudy when one could view bright sunshine outdoors. I began to wonder if weather men and women looked out of a clear glass window. I concluded that perhaps they were basing their forecasts on erroneous technological data provided by computers or they were violating God’s Laws. In the morning of the late autumn of 2010, spouse and granddaughter were sitting on a sofa in our backyard sun porch room when suddenly a raccoon ran out from underneath a backyard structure. The raccoon then proceeded to run up the stairs of our backyard deck and began scratching at the glass sliding door of the room while showing its’ sharp teeth in an attempt to gain entry into our house before quickly turning around and departing the area. After spouse and granddaughter explained this story to me as I was unavailable to witness this unusual occurrence, I believed the animal to have rabies. Concerned for my family, children, and neighbors living in the area, I decided to telephone the animal control office in