voted. The “phantom voters” have been discovered when comparing voter sign in sheets to the votes counted in a voting district. Ballots also have been tampered with as it has been shown that election officials have overstuffed the ballot box with votes of a desired candidate to obtain political office. On some occasions ballots were removed if cast for an “undesirable candidate” by those who are responsible for counting the votes. In both cases of ballot tampering, many times the sign in signatures of voters did not match the vote counts in a district. At other times, names shown on sign in sheets were the names of nonexistent individuals.

In addressing the current situation of maintaining a “confidentiality of the vote”, it is important to note that some people may know how individuals are voting. Under the current voting systems, a sign in signature could be matched to the person’s vote. After signing in, an individual is assigned to a voting booth under the lever and electronic voting methods. The signature, matched to the booth assignment could reveal to officials the individual’s vote. Given this fact coupled with the realization that most of the individual’s personal privacies have been removed (review the commentary on Tyranny), then it is logical for one to ask; why are the votes kept confidential? The very aspect of confidentiality of the vote lends itself to the potential for huge corruption. A solution to this problem is to remove the “confidential” aspect of the electoral process. Full disclosure regarding the votes is necessary. This can be accomplished by providing the voter’s name, the voter’s identification number, and the voter’s vote(s). This information, open to public review and scrutiny would eliminate most all corruption in the tallying of votes.

Realize also, that at this time, there appears to be a grand conspiracy to gain complete control of the world by some individuals. There is no better way to achieve this then by a concerted manipulation of the voting system. This conspiracy, with all of its human rights abuses, is part of the New World Order plan that many are familiar with. Some of these human rights abuses include: increased surveillance and monitoring of the population including private conversation and private activities, mandatory vaccination programs with an ever increasing quantity of vaccines administered to people, taxes to remove a person’s savings and inheritance, mandatory abortion and sterilization, euthanasia and assistance in suicide, increased exposure to radiation, legalizing and promoting dangerous drugs, depleting a nations resources with little or no benefit to the population, to identify several.

In the United States, some people are realizing that the Democratic and Republican parties have the same agendas of working towards a New World Order consolidation of world governments. One party moves more quickly towards that goal, while the other party moves more slowly toward the New World Order plan. In summation, the outcome for the people is the same however, the time of attainment differs. For those people that are speaking out against immoralities and the destruction of society, taking a few steps backwards by one party to gain extra time to silence the protesters is many times all that is necessary. This is an old tactic used by evil to exhaust and remove moral opposition and resistance to evil agendas.