Commentary                                              Tyranny

In researching the history of invasions of personal privacy through the use of technological devices, one can deduce that the onset of this perversion began in the Soviet Union by the year 1920. It has been documented that by 1960, Eastern Europe was inundated with electronic eavesdropping devices. The approval of abortion by the communist governments beginning in 1920 in the Soviet Union and 1955 for most all of the communist bloc nations of Eastern Europe, correlates with privacy invasions for these nations, through the use of espionage technology. It is likely that the approval of the abortifacient birth control pill in other countries around the world, subjected entire populations of people to technological invasions of privacy. The term abortifacient can be defined as any drug or device that can allow for the conception of a human life but prevents the human being from attaching to the wall of the womb, that is of course necessary for sustaining that individual’s life. To prevent the attachment of the human being to the wall of the womb is akin to depriving a person of food, oxygen, and water to cause the death of an individual. In the United States, beginning in the year 1944, human beings began to be conceived in laboratories for experimentation and implantation procedures, which over time has resulted in the massive loss of human life and the subsequent breaking of God’s Laws, which further enabled evil to invade personal privacies. It should also be noted that one country, Romania, severely restricted drug induced and surgical abortion between the years 1967 to 1989, however abortifacient birth control drugs and devices were still available that most likely subjected the country’s population to invasions of privacy through technology. Also, other evil agendas in Romanian society continued unabated.

Thirty nine years ago in June 1972, it was found in a political party’s main office in the Watergate office complex in Washington D.C., well hidden, miniscule eavesdropping devices. The outrage that followed resulted in an inquiry and the subsequent conviction of five men involved in the installation of these devices. Several years later retail stores began operations selling eavesdropping, surveillance, and tracking equipment for some examples, to the general public thereby engaging the users of this equipment in various Capital sins and at minimum the breaking of two Commandments, Thou shall not covet and Thou shall not steal. At this time, as many know, technology has advanced at a tremendous rate since the early years of the 1970’s. Today, if one is not involved or parlay to technological invasions of privacy, it is difficult to know for certain how extensive, frequent, and widespread these assaults are against the population of people. Recent documentations of invasions of personal privacy are few. One recent news report however, discussed computers that were equipped with a web camera that when activated, violated the personal privacy of some individuals through the transmission of various images to an outside source. Goggles enabling the viewer to see through clothing were available for purchase in the early years of this century. Many consumer and industrial products contain and/or have access to the necessary equipment for eavesdropping and surveillance. Some of these devices include transmitters, transistors, microphones, transducers, amplifiers, cameras, satellites and fiber optic systems. Gaining one way access to personal, private information such as intimate conversation and activities may be as simple as dialing a number or pushing buttons with a code specifically assigned to an individual, a residence, or a place of business. It is easy to surmise why evil may desire personal information on people as evil desires to destroy people in as many ways as possible (see the other