bombardments of displays of wealth and product advertising for example, have resulted in huge debts and misery for some people, serving evil’s purposes.

Rejection of the mass media that influences the violating of some or all of The Ten Commandments is an initial step and an important part of removing evil from within society and necessary to reestablish a covenant with God, as Kings 2: 23:14 states:

Josiah smashed the sacred stones and cut down the Asherah poles and covered the sites with human bones.

Based on the above analysis it is understandable and obvious how evil has used the vehicles of mass media to infiltrate homes and harm individuals through brainwashing techniques and to convert people to deadly immoral agendas that are determined by the wicked. The best advice that can be offered is to remove as much exposure to mass media by substituting the time allotted for mass media with other activities. This is difficult at first but becomes easier as time transpires. In fact, mass media can become repulsive to one over a time period of abstention. Also, many people view television when tired which may add to the susceptibility of the person to the brainwashing techniques of television media. For this situation, the reading of moral books may be a good substitute for those seeking a restful alternative to television. Due to invasions of privacy, more people rely on mass media for one way communication. It is very likely that brainwashing and indoctrination through mass media outlets has increased, due to more people spending increased time viewing television and internet for the above stated reason. Evil is also aware of this situation and therefore may have intentionally increased the amount of immorality portrayed, through mass media outlets.  For some parents, it has become difficult to have lengthy conversations with their children because of fears of privacy invasions, so these parents may turn to television to occupy children’s time. Until this situation is resolved, parents can review children’s programming in DVD or VHS format prior to the viewing by children. Through careful discernment, much immoral children’s programming can be eliminated. Parents may consider that some children’s television programming is morally acceptable, and thus permissible for children to view. But be advised that some commercials shown in between the programming can be immoral. Adults can also protect themselves from immoral indoctrination by viewing only moral, advertisement free, DVD’s and VHS format shows.

In conclusion, most of the mass media suggests and promotes the breaking of some or sometimes all of The Ten Commandments, influences participation in Capital sins, indirectly promotes Abominations, and uses a variety of psychological devices against the public to achieve their goals. The mass media is a major machination used by evil to obtain goals of perpetuating misery and destruction on the population of people for the purpose of providing a relatively few people, with vast wealth and a power over the population, that is provided by Satan. To combat the largely insidious nature of mass media’s influences, sincere prayer to God, careful scrutiny, and/or a rejection of mass media is necessary.

Evil desires a population that agrees with evil for destructive reasons. One way to achieve this goal is through brainwashing the population to immorality, through the use of mass media.