commentaries for examples), to gain power over the population and wealth for themselves. People are harmed through invasions of privacy in many ways. For example, lives are stolen, relationships are destroyed, and ideas and intellect are denied to their rightful owners.

Invasions of personal privacy yields vast information concerning individuals including, but not limited to social, psychological, intellectual, sexual, and religious profiles. Also, habits, energy levels, attitudes, opinions, likes and dislikes, dedication, principles, ethics, and motivation to suggest some, are subject to the study of evil for  destructive purposes. Evil can use this information to launch attacks against individuals or groups of people. The results of invasions of personal privacy can include stress, anxieties, confusion, disorientation, engagement in further immoralities, and sometimes even death to the victims of this travesty further serving the agendas of evil.

A further clarification is cited in Daniel 11: 31 and 32:

His armed forces will rise up to desecrate the temple fortress and will abolish the daily sacrifice. Then they will set up the abomination that causes desolation. With flattery he will corrupt those who have violated the covenant, but the people who know their God will firmly resist him.

If the private homes of human beings have indeed been invaded through the use of technological devices, then the entire issue of marriage for example and the sanctioning and validity thereof, is in question. It is commonly believed that marriage is an intimate relationship between two people, a man and a woman. Be aware however, that this fact is not stated in Black Law’s Dictionary’s definition of marriage nor is it stated in Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of marriage. Perhaps old editions of these dictionaries yield a definition based on the commonly known definition of marriage.  Probably God would not sanction a marriage where the personal home of the couple is compromised by “invisible strangers”. The validity of marriage may be subject to the prior knowledge of the couple entering into the marriage union. Therefore, the implications for marriage alone, where the personal privacies of the couple have been violated through technological means are great. It is little wonder, why society is currently facing legalizations of same sex “marriage”, multiple partner “marriage”, and other insane “marriage” schemes and arrangements. An ever increasing “divorce” rate under these circumstances is also understandable.  If invasions of personal privacy are occurring and one may believe that they are based on circumstantial evidence and sufficient although limited solid evidence, then sexual orientation does not matter, as all people should abstain from sexual relations. In addition, any incriminating conversation should be eliminated (see the discussion in this commentary on profiles). Personal sacrifice  is many times necessary to remove tremendous evils from society together with earnest prayer to God.

To eliminate this extremely malicious evil from society, a return to following the Ten Commandments including eliminating abortifacient birth control drugs and devices and drug and surgical induced abortion as well as the discarding and experimentation of laboratory conceptions of human life, is necessary (Thou shall not kill). Capital sins and abominations as well should be eliminated as a possible action or reaction to circumstances. It is also more than likely, based on the reading of some of the