exhausted, cranky and overstressed. Some babies suffer from post traumatic stress disorder where they have become so overwhelmed and frightened to be left with strangers, that they become numb and emotionless akin to the removal or dulling of the human spirit. Proper nutrition of the child and all family members has suffered in a hurried environment. Dirty houses due to lack of time to thoroughly clean all areas of the home, has resulted in allergies that rarely existed prior to women returning to paid employ. Stress, the result of a rushed, disorganized living environment has caused mental and physical health problems, divorces, and family estrangements. Other problems of immorality in the schools and community that are left unchecked due to the lack of time, have allowed evil to continue unabated with devastating consequences to families. Unattended and unsupervised children have become involved in the immoralities of promiscuity, drugs, alcohol, violence, pornography, and have become victims of pedophiles and rapists. Children are not receiving a religious education or the education of common sense taught by families in the past. This has lead to vast differences in society’s perceptions of developmental age and chronological age. Many children are less mature for their age now than they were in the past. However, society still allows some adult privileges at a given age. For example, most teenagers today are not responsible enough or mature enough to drive a car, yet they are permitted to do so by the government. This has resulted in unprecedented accident injuries and fatalities among the youth. Children of low maturity level are also provided with a detailed sexual education through public school and media that has inflicted great harm on many youths.

The return of women with minor children to employment has also resulted in a preoccupation with materialism that has resulted for some, in huge debts. And, men’s salaries in real terms (purchasing power), has declined to reflect a workforce that has doubled.

In considering the above history and effects of women with minor children returning to the workforce, it is easy to understand how evil forces have meticulously planned a strategy to devastate families. Another falsehood that has been promoted by evil to destroy the family through an innuendo is that others care more for family members than the family cares. This tactic involves evil troublemakers and outsiders who cause situations, to create family animosities, divisions, anger, mistrust, anxieties, and other problems that occur when evil interferes, exerting and peddling it’s influences ( refer to the other commentaries) for examples.

In an evil society such as this, the first and foremost priority should be the protection and continued functioning of the family. The Bible stresses to the reader throughout the Book, that God demands cohesive, supportive, and morally upright families. The Bible lists the family trees of some individuals research:  Genesis 46: 8-12, Ruth 18-22 , 1 Chronicles 3: 10-17,  Matthew 1: 16-18                                                                          Therefore, it is also important to know one’s own family tree and information about past and present family members. A possible rationale for this is to be able to contact extended family members if assistance is needed on an endeavor, a pursuit, or for some other reason. The wealthy and powerful have long recognized this, with some, keeping detailed information on as many family members as possible.