Casino gambling, beginning in the state of Nevada in 1931, was confined to that state for forty-five years. In 1976,  Atlantic City, New Jersey became the second area of the country to approve casino gambling. Casinos were confined to Atlantic City only, and not the state. At this time in 2010, casino gambling has been approved throughout many areas of the nation. Casino gambling has removed the hard earned wealth of many people and has wreaked havoc and destruction on their lives. The highly addictive nature of this gambling situation has created untold miseries. Internet gambling is similar and can be even more destructive due to the close proximity of one’s computer.

Games of sports remove the time and energy sports enthusiasts may otherwise have for social and political causes and concerns. As sports zealots are busily distracted by games, those in evil authoritative positions continue to gain wealth and more power over the population. Retail games keep shoppers focused on finding the lowest price or best deal through coupons, secret discounts, scratch off cards, spin the wheel, games of hide and seek, and so much more. Chances and raffles that seem to be for good causes perpetuate a gambling mentality with all the obsession surrounding it.

These are merely a sampling of some of the games played today. Game playing creates an excitement in the individual sometimes to compensate for dissatisfaction in life – perhaps that dissatisfaction is with the current state of national and world affairs. Games and gaming enterprises have overwhelmed the nation creating insanity in some people. A rejection of this consuming game playing mentality is a necessary ingredient to return individuals and society to a sound moral foundation.

Evil desires a diverted population. One way to achieve this goal is to involve people in plenty of games.

Commentary                                    University Calamities

Recent and past news has increasingly brought to light great tragedies that have occurred in this nation’s colleges and universities. In 2007, a student gunman killed thirty two students, faculty, and himself in a rage filled murderous spree at a Virginia university. Reports of drunkenness and drug use resulting in campus deaths have become commonplace. Bizarre and satanic hazing rituals have claimed more student’s lives. Suicides, due to bullying and harassment are too frequent. Dropout rates have steadily increased throughout recent years and delayed graduation has become an expectation.

While the society remains in its current state of moral depravity, it is impossible to prevent the above mentioned occurrences however, a substantial reduction of student deaths are attainable through measures that the university or college administrators can, without too much difficulty, implement. Parents and students too can use discretion in choosing schools to prevent possible future catastrophe. High school counselors as well can suggest and recommend certain colleges and universities to diminish the current state of widespread violence and immorality on campuses.

Living arrangements, as most people realize effect all people involved in the arrangement. Personalities, morals, attitudes, energy levels, dedication, principles, and habits to identify some differ among individuals. Sometimes it is difficult for lifelong family members to agree and cooperate. Understanding