To contemplate one aspect of the above stated “benefits”, family identification is cited as a great threat to all people around the world. Throughout history, various groups of people have been targeted and annihilated based on a genetic group affiliation. In recent times, the Nazi’s targeted the Jews, based on their heredity and religion, for death. Also understand that all German’s were subjected to heredity investigations by Nazi committees. During the Nazi regime, genealogical records of all German’s were researched through records and information that were stored in town buildings, churches, and synagogues. Anyone found having Jewish heritage was potentially subjected to the same fate as the professed Jews. The people in countries that were occupied by the Nazi’s during World War II were also subjected to similar genealogical searches in the Nazi’s quest to eliminate (murder) those people of Jewish heritage and/or ancestry.

The Bible states that the descendants of Abraham are God’s “chosen” people and will eventually become as numerous as the stars in the sky as God stated to Abraham in Genesis 15:5

He took him outside and said, “Look up at the heavens and count the stars, if indeed you can count them.” Then He said to him, “So shall your offspring be.”

It is possible that the occult and other evil forces may be targeting the Jews and those of Jewish ancestry through DNA genetic identification , to gain complete, absolute, and unquestioned control over the world as part of an anti God and anti Christ occult philosophy.  Thought should be given to the fact that most Europeans probably have at least one Jewish ancestor based on a study of European history. Be aware that the continent of Europe is currently also experiencing a population implosion (a significant decline of births as compared with the number of deaths), that could possibly be related to an initial singling out of secular Jewish ancestry Europeans. The people of the United States, Canada, Australia, South America, and Central America, as well as, perhaps people in other areas around the world, most likely also have at least one Jewish ancestor. Inhabitants of the Middle East and the surrounding areas more than likely have Jewish ancestry that can be found through genetic identification.

World War I and World War II resulted in evil gaining more wealth, power, and control over the world population of people partly due to the fact that many practicing humanitarian and secular war wearied people reluctantly agreed to the furthering of evil, immoral agendas that were devised by the wicked. Further beware that through DNA identification, the diabolical agenda that the Nazi’s began, could conceivably be completed resulting in evil obtaining complete and total control over the world. Genetic identification could be used as an ultimate weapon against people and is an invasion of God’s privacy as well as, a tremendous invasion of the individual’s personal privacy. The obvious suggested solution is to eliminate all aspects of genetic identification of the individual. A return to the following of The Ten Commandments, the elimination of Capital Sins and Abominations and earnest prayer to God to enlist His support against this evil is suggested. Also, evil doers in positions of authority should be removed. In addition, be aware of this statement in Jeremiah 31:37