has never been experienced by human beings throughout world history. At this time, it is likely that many people around the world have by this date, recognized this fact of a severe violation of a Commandment which has also been a factor in violations of other Laws of God. Based on the evidence obtained through research, abortion policies accepted by the majority, has most probably resulted in these severe invasions of privacy and accompanying mind control programs inflicted by evil doers on the people of the world. So the unique name of the Pope could be an acknowledgement of the fact that people understand the harsh reality of these times. Enlisting God’s support through the following of God’s Laws and other expected moral behaviors will hopefully eliminate the extreme evil permeating world societies today.

In May, this book was completed and prepared to be forwarded to an editor of a large publishing company. The requirement for editing was to combine separate word files into a one word document format. I did not know how to accomplish this task so a computer technician was hired to combine the approximate seventy five word files into a one word document and file. After completing this job, the computer technician forwarded the text of this book via email to the editor of the publishing company. Later this same day, one reviewed the one word document only to discover that large amounts of text were missing from this book. Checking through the saved individual files, one noted that in particular a Commentary “Just Thoughts” was missing most of the text. Outraged over the likely “hacking” of my personal saved word document files that are “protected” by an anti virus program with firewall protection, one contacted the F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation). An agent spoken with about this incident informed me that this agency does not become involved with individual matters of “hacking” by outside others. The agency only assists and investigates groups (corporate and government for two examples) who have been subjected to this malicious crime and fraud. The F.B.I. agent suggested that I contact the cable/internet provider about this concern. After speaking with the internet provider, one was informed that nothing could be done to trace the source of this “hacking”. Frustrated, one contacted the editor of the publishing concern and informed her of the missing text from this book. Later, one remarked to spouse that delivering the text via computer to a publisher could be an exercise in futility. One then decided to forego the editing and have this book printed the “old fashioned way” through a printer who provides a binding service. So, the missing sections of this book require retyping through a saved printed copy and handwritten notes. An ISBN (international standard book number) was secured and a copyright application was submitted to the government’s copyright office. With regard to the issuing of a copyright, one can offer a suggestion regarding this process. The current procedure is to file an application and include the published or unpublished work together with a fee to the copyright office. Some people may not desire to publish a written work without a copyright. On the other hand, to send an unpublished work to the copyright office may result in the inaccurate documentation of the work by the copyright office because the author may change the unpublished work. Therefore one suggests that it would be more sensible to issue a copyright on a temporary basis perhaps for between six to twelve months to provide the author time to submit the accurate published work with the copyright to the federal copyright office. Once the work is submitted to the copyright