Furthermore, in most countries where abortion has not been approved, a mandatory voting system is the law of the land. The Central Intelligence Agency, World Fact book shows, when researching government under the heading suffrage, that Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Peru to identify some, have compulsory voting systems. 81 A few questions need to be answered. Could a “confidential” compulsory voting system that people suspect may be corrupt but are forced to vote in, lead to a power and control over the population? Could a “confidential” compulsory voting system lead to eventual abortion approval? Has abortion approval in other countries made it unnecessary to make voting compulsory and if so why?

Evil desires power over the population. One way to achieve this is through a corrupt voting system.

Commentary                                                        Abortion


Jeremiah: 1:5


“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart, I appointed you as a prophet to the nations”.


One can likely trace the practice of abortion to the time period of Adam and Eve, the beginning and ancient years of a reasoning human civilization. In reviewing the history and rises and falls of past civilizations and empires , it becomes clear that successful societies were brought to their demise through a series of common occurrences, for examples, most all had similar and/or comparable problems of political strife, economic hardship, and militaristic brutality and/or incompetence. However, further research will sometimes provide information regarding societal practices. Where this information is provided, it is shown that one component that crept into the society and became part of past civilizations and empires societal values, just prior to their demise, was the social approval of child sacrifice including abortion and infanticide.  Abortion procedures in the ancient past to more recent past, involved the ingestion of poisons by the woman, insertion of sharp materials into the cervix and womb, or physical trauma to the abdomen. During the middle ages, the bubonic plague otherwise known as the black death, resulted in the deaths of most of the population of people in Europe. Understand also that prior to and during this plague, many people in Europe were involved in occult practices including aspects of child sacrifice, including abortion and infanticide. The purpose of the above discussion, is to cite Europe during the middle ages as an example of a commonly known society destroyed, due to abortion and other occult, evil practices. Realize however, that similar situations have occurred time and again throughout the world, during various times in history. Following the middle ages, Western Civilization entered a time period of enlightenment where a good education became a population priority. Scholarly books became more widely available to the middle class population as the cost of books decreased due to the invention of the printing press. The Bible therefore became a widely read book.


Beginning in the 1820’s in the United States, individual states began enacting laws rendering abortion illegal with the eventuality of all states criminalizing abortion by the year 1900. In 1869, the Catholic Church declared abortion at any stage of pregnancy to be homicide. That same year Canada prohibited abortion with a severe penalty for violating the law.  In 1944, the first conceptions of human life occurred in a laboratory in the United States. Henceforth, laboratory abortions have become commonplace as people involved in implantation procedures, choose the number of children desired, the gender of children desired, and the heredity traits of the children desired for some examples. In addition, human beings are used in laboratories and clinics, for various experimentation procedures prior to being discarded. By the year 1960 in the United States, the abortifacient birth control pill was made available for public use. At about the same time in the United States , individual states began to approve abortion for reasons of rape and incest.