did indeed arrive to prevent a Nazi invasion during World War II. Be reminded that God relinquishes His authority to Satan in an evil and immoral society. One may also believe that Satan has been in authority during the past twenty five years or more through the historical examination of frequent natural disasters and commercial airplane crashes occurring during this approximate time period. One has thankfully but cautiously noted during the past three years, a tapering off of these great calamities likely due to the people recognizing the one true God and thus have become more religious through the following of The Ten Commandments, avoidance of Capital Sins and Abominations. This change in behavior also results in evil doers in positions of authority being deposed from those positions, to be replaced by religious and moral people, resulting in good changes for all people. In any case, one is hoping for, but not praying for an uneventful and calm October 29, 2013.

In 1977, the United States Senate conducted hearings into the mind controlling of people to also include the inflictions of hallucinations on people. The name assigned to this program is called MKULTRA. Twenty thousand surviving documents (many documents were destroyed prior to the hearing) were reviewed where it was learned that people were being controlled by other persons’ directions. The control was apparently based on the subject’s exposure to chemical, biological, and radiological agents. One believes that psychological factors can also lead to mind control and the creation of hallucinations by evil doers launched against others. These psychological factors include but are not limited to overexposure to violence, abortion, pornography, subliminal messages in media meant to brainwash, stressful life situations, and the believing of lies for several examples. When people are deprived of a religious education to include the necessity to follow The Ten Commandments, avoid Capital Sins and Abominations the people are highly susceptible in an evil society to becoming first brainwashed and then mind controlled. Some people who have recognized this evil have also become subjected to tyranny situations for perhaps not obeying orders by the evil doers who are delivering messages to them as individuals or as members of a group. It is one’s opinion that some of these mind controlled individuals are also used by evil to varying degrees to attack religious and moral people and their families who are fighting against and exposing evil. For an example and at an extreme level, this year a young man dressed as a character in a movie showing at a theater shot and killed twelve people and wounded fifty eight others in the State of Colorado. It has been suggested that this described intelligent doctoral graduate student was swiftly mind controlled due to his father being involved in an investigation to expose “the largest bank fraud scandal in world history”. As of this writing more information concerning this matter is available in an article titled “Batman Massacre: Why, and How, and Who” found on the internet at www.helpfreetheearth.com . So, and to reiterate, the United States Senate through the holding of these hearings gave credibility to the established mind control programs that included punishments inflicted on the victims by Satan if the victim does not do as told, launched by evil doers against the people of the United States and World. The implications for this type of diabolical “warfare” are great for all people. To reiterate once again, all people should think carefully about the potential outcomes of mind control programs and the effects of these on the world population of people.  One concern and question of mine regarding this treachery is are women being forced into promiscuity and then forced into aborting their child due to Satanic mind control with torture inflicted