read about, discussed a large corporate foundation that supports abortion policies who donated a large sum of money to a biblically based religious charity. This large donation given to the religious charity was then publicized by the corporate foundation to the people who were receiving the assistance from the religious charity. So, the people receiving the assistance were grateful to the religious charity as well as the corporate foundation that provided the money to the religious charity for disbursement to the poor and impoverished. Later it became known that the corporate foundation that indirectly helped the above group was now promoting abortion to the same group of people previously assisted by them, through their publically known indirect donations to a religious charity who disbursed the funds. Hopefully, through extensive educational programs delivered to the needy, the people will reject these types of deceptive and manipulative practices of some large “philanthropic” groups.

A disturbing news story viewed depicted a woman residing in a rural area of India who engaged in the infanticides of several of her daughters through suffocation after their births. The woman appeared to be smiling in an insane way as she showed the reporter the infants’ graves. On the other hand, another story read discussed a mass sterilization camp in India where women undergo tubal ligation procedures in an abusive way. Shortly after obtaining sterilizations, the women are released into a field to find their way home. The work of evil is apparent in both the above reports because foreign aid money received through the World Bank and other organizations by some people in India is dependent on many women in India obtaining sterilizations, abortions, and likely also received through the practices of infanticides. So it is plain to understand that as more women and their spouses agree to participate in infanticides and sterilizations, a few people gain more wealth, gain more control, and become more powerful over the vast majority of people through tyranny situations that once again, are largely created by the above factors to also include abortion. A return to the adherence of The Ten Commandments, avoidance of Capital Sins, and Abominations would eliminate the brutality inflicted on many others by evil doers. More information regarding these “camps” and the financiers of the above program can be found on the internet in an article titled “Who’s Behind India’s Barbaric Mega Sterilization Camps” by Celeste McGovern.

An elderly ill man known to me was asked to vacate a nursing home that was providing him with care, apparently because his medical insurance had expired for this care. Because the man was a veteran of the armed forces, he was entitled to free care at a veteran’s facility. Upon inquiry into this benefit it was discovered that no beds were available for him in this area of veterans’ homes. Discussing this problem with a family member, the family member remarked that more veteran’s homes should be built to serve ill and recuperating previous members of the military. Annoyed with this situation, I stated that what should be done is not done and what should not be done is done. To support this statement one cited a large shopping mall in the area of my current residence that was newly renovated with expensive additions and new and lavish remodeling in the 1980’s that was currently in the process of being torn down to build another shopping mall.

Another disturbing action of waste written about in the local newspaper was a story about a large complex of solid brick apartment buildings that house low income and welfare recipients that has been