town. No one was available to take my call so a message was left. At about noon time, the animal control officer returned my telephone call and I explained this situation to the officer. The animal control officer explained to me that wild animals sometimes attempt to gain entry into a home when the weather becomes cold. I stated that raccoons are nocturnal animals and that this kind of unnatural behavior was indicative of a rabid animal. The animal control officer reiterated the above explanation that chilled animals sometimes seek a warm area to inhabit during cold spells and also stated to me that if this happens again that I should first telephone the police. Not wishing to argue a probable rabies virus infecting this animal and after concluding the telephone call, I stated to spouse that I think every incident that occurs in this town regardless of subject matter, must first be reported to the police by the citizen. These short stories and vignettes have been presented as examples of the neglect of basics in the society as “higher order thinking skills” are promoted and advanced to the population by evil doers which results for many people in increased stupidity, satisfying a goal of the occult. So, one could state that the more technologically advanced a society becomes, the more that basic foundations crumble leading to a general lack of common sense in the population of people. Certainly, the abandonment of abiding by The Ten Commandments and/or the engagement in Capital Sins and Abominations are the deciding factors of this statement. In a moral society, technology is combined with a thinking human being’s observations and calculations to arrive at legitimate conclusions.

During the summer, a visit was paid to our home by an acquaintance of a family member. The occupation of the visitor was that of a nurse who worked at a city hospital. This person informed me through a discussion that the same women repeatedly procured abortions at this hospital. I realized at that time that perhaps a relatively few mentally ill women are responsible for not only the mass murder of their children but are also likely responsible for perpetuating other gross immoralities against others living within the society through these abortions. In addition, abortions occurring at hospitals throughout the world are largely ignored by the pro life movement, while independent abortion clinics are focused on for closure by these groups.

Granddaughter stated to me one afternoon that she was about to eat a cookie and remarked that this cookie was a dog biscuit cookie. After showing me this cookie, I stated that this was not a cookie but a dog biscuit. She laughed and showed me the bag of cookies newly marketed by a popular snack food manufacturer for human consumption that appeared to be exact replicas of dog biscuits. At that point, I had a discussion with granddaughter on how this immoral deception could result in illnesses for children as food safety requirements are different for people than for animals. Many times animal food products are stored on the floors of possibly dirty warehouses prior to packaging. If a child is confused between the dog biscuit cookie and a dog biscuit, that child is at risk for acquiring a physical illness. Other children who are eating “dog biscuit cookies” are at risk for mental illness.

A concern in our community and probably other communities throughout the United States is the increasing problem of pedophiles. In our community and under law, citizens are continually notified of the residences and resident address changes of pedophiles. A disturbing story written in the local newspaper reported that a father and his two children, a boy and a girl visited a nearby shopping mall to