Retrospective: Some people gain a tremendous amount of wealth through the murdering of other people and this includes the murder of the unborn human being. By the way, this wealth is likely acquired through a sanctioned system of stealing from other people (and perhaps murdering other people), including moral and religious people. Why was there almost a two month long duration between sending the paper copies of the Commentaries through the post office to the website company (located about thirty miles from our home) and then returning them to our address in April, as undeliverable? Law enforcement should trace those people who are sending viruses to other’s computers and then prosecute these evil doers. After the posting of the Commentaries the website was transferred to another web hosting and design company. Tinted glass yields a distorted view of the outdoors. Beginning in the 1970’s, one noticed a progression throughout the years of the absence of storytelling that was usually delivered by older family members to teach others about various situations of life. This has lead to the younger generations experiencing many types of avoidable problems because they were not forewarned through the one means of storytelling. Experience may or may not be the “best teacher” and the “school of hard knocks” is evil in intent. Evil believes people are animals and diligently attempts to treat them as such. Evil desires to inflict much psychological damage on others and has gained an influence over people and is dictating to them through Satan.

Historical Accounts 2011: 77

It is reported on January 11 that over nine hundred people are killed in flooding and mudslides in Brazil.

An earthquake and tsunami on March 11 kills about twenty thousand people in Japan.

The first artificial organ transplant occurs in Sweden on July 7.

It is reported on September 24 that about three thousand people are killed in a Syrian uprising.

More than one thousand people are reported killed in floods in the Philippines on December 16.

NASA: A spacecraft photographs a substance resembling water on Mars.

Remarks: Scientists are constructing artificial organs for transplant into human beings. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan occurred near a nuclear power plant resulting in damage to the plant and the subsequent releasing of dangerous radiation into the environment.


By the third week of January, one was relieved to realize that I had included a triangular chart that libeled me for an infringement of the licensing agreement of Microsoft Corporation. Because I used their purchased software templates and an eye logo for a chart in “Book Excerpts” offered freely in the original I recognized after reading the licensing agreement carefully one realized that when offering this book for sale that this chart could not be used. At this juncture,