established by the website company by placing preliminary orders myself. No orders that I had tested were arriving in the email established in my home computer designated for preliminary book orders. Fearing that preliminary orders were lost, I telephoned and spoke with a representative of the website company on Monday February 13 about this problem. The website company’s representative checked the system and informed me of an error where orders were sent into the email address of the website company. It was at this time that I was informed that no preliminary orders were posted in the website company’s email for the intended purchase of this book. This error was promptly corrected and testing confirmed that preliminary orders sent by purchasers would arrive at an email address established for book orders to my home computer on February 13. More than nine weeks transpired where the official published book was offered for sale. Incredulously, not one preliminary order was placed for the published version of this manuscript on the worldwide internet. I then recognized that it strongly appears that some people cannot earn an independent living or perhaps any living because potential patrons of businesses are being prevented by evil forces in the society from purchasing the products and services of some people living in this world (an obvious tyranny and occult situation). Perhaps another reason for no orders procured is because I refuse to pray to “God” for materialistic requests (such as the procuring of sales of a product) as I believe this to be indirectly stealing from people through a kind of “mind control”. In a religious and moral society people decide for themselves regarding the purchases of products and services. Also recognize that this was my second attempt to earn money to be largely used for an educational campaign to assist in ending abortion and in restoring religious morality to the United States and other countries around the world. Read 2002 for further information regarding the first endeavor. These two situations that I have experienced I interpret for myself and others in like situations, as indirectly stealing large sums of money from some or select groups of people who have invested money, other wealth, and time in businesses and other job endeavors that were apparently doomed to failure from the onset due to occult interference and attacks against some people by evil doers. As a matter of fact, the above situations inspired and prompted me to reflect on other overt and unusual financial circumstances that have occurred to spouse and I in the past that I now also believe (in addition to the above) to be corruption in the form of stealing from some people for the purposes of redirecting the stolen money to others who are perhaps asking or demanding of additional wealth through possible requests to Satan or through requests made for additional wealth to evil doers in positions of authority. For some examples, in the 1980’s, I completed and filed income tax returns for our family. On one return in the second half of the 1980’s, I neglected to take a deduction of State income tax paid, off of our federal return. I realized this mistake incurred to the advantage of the Internal Revenue Service the following year, after making this error. No refund for this obvious error was returned to us. Later, in the early 1990’s another small error was made on income tax to our advantage. The Internal Revenue Service quickly notified and charged spouse and I for this error plus interest charges. By 1993, spouse and I hired an accountant to complete our income tax returns which the accountant does to this present day. Shortly after being attacked by evil in 1999, the Internal Revenue Service charged spouse and me an exorbitant sum of money in 1999 apparently owed for back taxes which under ordinary and normal circumstances, I would have challenged. Also, during the 1990’s, spouse and I owned shares of stock in a major, conservative United States corporation. The price of