questioned the legality of this licensing agreement especially regarding templates. For example, if one purchases actual templates to be used to possibly earn money, the manufacturer of the templates obviously cannot litigate against the purchaser of their product or perhaps now they can. I contemplated hiring a graphic artist to design the charts and diagram but due to fears of possible attacks by evil against this person (read 2002) I decided to do the graphics myself. The book (initial offering) was completed by the fifth week of January and prepared to be placed on Due to the abridged autobiography’s inclusiveness, the original website was removed and replaced with the (incomplete) manuscript of the book.

At about this time, one confirmed contemplated plans regarding potential sales of the published version of “Dinner at My House” “An Abridged Autobiography of the Years 1958 through 2013” by Barbara Nikonoff. It should be noted for clarification purposes that one initially selected for the original posting of the incomplete book in February 2012, a pen surname for privacy considerations and to exacerbate the fact that most likely all individual’s surnames are false due to extremes of coveting launched against “married couples” through the use of technology beginning in 1920. Later, and by 2013 the decision was made to use one’s legal surname in presenting the completed book to prevent future confusion regarding the authorship of this book. Profits received from the sale of the book will be designated for a worldwide print media advertising campaign to hopefully educate as many people as possible, through the reading of this book. The content of the proposed public service message campaign will invite people to log onto to read “Dinner at My House” and hopefully place an order for the published book. As I realized over the course of about a decade and one half, some people do not share information so an advertising campaign to promote this book, would reach many of those people left uninformed and ignorant. For those people who were assisted or helped through the reading of the original website and/or this manuscript, (and one year later, completed book) the placing of an order or orders for this book will be appreciated. Also, this book is in one’s opinion is a life saving book. Through the purchase of this book, one will be helping others who will also be informed of the important information contained in this book that perhaps, based on sales, will be translated into several languages to help save others lives, through a worldwide media print advertising campaign (likely accomplished through highway billboards). In addition, this book offers helpful advice to young people establishing their homes for the first time (a great house warming gift). The book is also an important addition to add to one’s own personal library. The purchase of this book will also aid in eliminating eye strain due to the reading of the text on a computer screen online, which as most know, emits dangerous radiation. So, there are several good reasons for purchasing this book provided that one has the extra available funds to assist others and ones own self.

On Friday, February 10, the (incomplete) manuscript was posted on the internet by a website company. I anticipated and expected preliminary orders to be placed over that weekend for an estimated July delivery of the published book. Preliminary orders confirmed an individual’s intent on purchasing the book through the providing of name, address, and contact information. No payment or deposit of money was requested at this time. I was disappointed when no orders were received on Friday and Saturday, February 10 and 11 and so I decided to check and test the preliminary order system