to picnics or amusement parks serve to prepare the mostly innocent child for body desecration later in life. Tattoos are a defilement by wizards as the Bible explains:

Leviticus 19:28        Do not lacerate your bodies for the dead, and do not tattoo yourselves.

I am the Lord.

According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition of defile is: 1: to make filthy 2: to corrupt the purity or perfection of 3: ravish, violate 4: to make ceremonially unclean.

Presentation is half the battle, content is the other half. The way a person dresses yields an impression of that person prior to any verbal contact. Women that dress in a provocative way invite trouble from people that are struggling with moral issues or are morally corrupt. If a woman who dresses in revealing clothing is attacked, then the woman shares in some of the responsibility for the attack. Likewise, men whose dress is of a certain type can expect to elicit certain impressions. Tight fitting clothing invites promiscuity. Baggy, torn clothing suggests violence and drug use. Written messages on clothing dehumanizes the person and is an indignity. Various renditions of art displayed on a person categorizes the individual to be of a specific behavioral type. These are some of the generalizations people have of others prior to any verbal contact that are based on attire. Most of the time, verbal contact with others meets our initial visual impressions of the individual.

Children also illicit an impression and response based on their attire. Parents and schools share in this impression as they are responsible for the selection of clothing. Children dressed in tight fitting clothing or those who exhibit unclothed lower extremities of the body, may attract pedophiles or attacks by others who are morally compromised. Attire with numbers reduces the child to insignificance. Attire with faces and characters confuses the child’s identity. Shoes with flashing lights distract and confuse the child and others as well. Elevated shoes invite physical injury. Skimpy school sports uniforms further promote immorality in the society using the child as a conduit.

It is difficult and a challenge to find children’s clothing that does not include any of the above mentioned characteristics. However, those who search diligently in the stores and on the internet can find appropriate clothing for children. Perhaps the lost art of sewing can be revived to fill in the gaps where respectable clothing cannot be found.

Evil desires degraded people. One way to achieve this goal is to provide clothing and “body art” that desecrates human beings.

Commentary                                              Public Welfare

In researching the past history of the welfare system in the United States, it is clear that from the onset of the establishment of public welfare, that there were serious problems with the policies and procedures of the system. The system of providing for the poor in the past largely confined adults to alms houses and farms. The poor at that time, were provided with little instruction to become self