themselves to be religious during these times, because they themselves may not be asking or demanding for desired situations, because the low paid workers are asking and demanding to be able to survive economically. To eliminate these circumstances a return to the following of The Ten Commandments, avoidance of Capital Sins, and Abominations together with earnest prayer to God is recommended.

The interest rate charged on credit cards varies by each State in the United States. The range of interest rates charged on credit cards ranges from a 5.75 to 23.99 percentage rate according to the State of residence. This non conformity of interest rates charged within a country is corrupt and the 23.99 percentage rate is usury.

Co-sleeping with a newborn infant and a co-sleeper are two different concepts. Co-sleeping together in the same bed with a newborn is dangerous as the newborn could be crushed or suffocated. A co-sleeper is a separate infant bed sold by manufacturers that attaches to the parents bed. When used properly, this apparatus is safe.

One can almost predict the response of some people to a verifiable voting system. They will complain that they do not want to be either held responsible or accountable for how they vote. The response to this objection should remain that voting is optional and not compulsory.

A recipe to prepare a light and fluffy matzo dumpling every time is shown with the following: Ingredients: five large eggs, one cup of matzo meal, four tablespoons of melted margarine, one quarter cup of water, one tablespoon of dehydrated parsley, and one teaspoon of salt. Instructions: scramble the wet ingredients (eggs, water, and melted margarine) together in a medium mixing bowl (two quart), add the parsley, salt, and matzo meal. Blend thoroughly and refrigerate for one half hour. Use a tablespoon to scoop the matzo blend from the bowl and then push the ingredients from the spoon into a large pot (eight quart) of salted boiling water or soup broth. Boil on a low flame for twenty five minutes with the lid of the pot ajar. Enjoy in a soup or to serve as an accompaniment to a meat and vegetable dinner.

For some in today’s society of vast immorality, a kind of Rasputinism has become common practice. Rasputin was a Russian priest of modest means who regularly engaged in gross immoralities including the violations of God’s Laws. Rasputin prayed daily to God for forgiveness for these constant transgressions which he continued to engage in on a regular and probable daily basis. Eventually, Rasputin was murdered. The moral to this vignette is that if one is not serious about changing immoral behaviors then perhaps one should not pray for forgiveness for the daily and constant transgressions of God’s Laws and other behavioral expectations of human beings.

As religious and moral people maintain the functioning of society, evil recognizes that any welfare disbursed to this group of persecuted, disadvantaged, and downtrodden members of the society, is vital