smooth leather or non slip smooth rubber soles by shoe manufacturers would eliminate some of the aggravation people experience due to this problem.

Based on a solid thirty years of experimentation, one can provide the following advice regarding a restful night’s sleep and back pain free or reduced pain morning. A mattress topped with a one to three inch foam pad and additionally topped with a feather bed, can provide one with a very comfortable night’s rest. A hard mattress may alleviate back pain, but can cause other bodily discomforts and pain.

After many years of much searching and trials, the very best glue for repairing glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, wood, and concrete for some examples has been found. It is a polyurethane glue. Various brands are available for purchase in stores and on the internet. Repairing items rather than discarding them reduces waste in landfills. This glue can repair seemingly irreparable damages.

One way to determine if a performance, television show, book, or movie is sane, ask oneself the question; Do the characters in the presentation reflect creatures, nature, and circumstances occurring or found in the natural environment or society? If the answer is no then the media depiction is crazy and/or insane most likely adversely affecting the viewers. Also shows containing sex and violence are harmful to the viewing audience.

The advice given by some of the caring people of yesteryear was to accentuate the need for good posture to others, especially children. Some of the health reasons given for this advice were to provide information for proper bone growth and the elimination of bone and joint related complications and diseases due to slouching and poor posture. Slouching is also indicative of poor manners and etiquette.

One has noted a substantial increase in the price of admission to publically owned and tax payer supported national and state recreational parks. One reason for some of these price increases becomes apparent as one views picnic areas inside public parks. Many people leave huge amounts of garbage throughout the picnic area for park employees to clean up even when trash barrels are provided to the picnickers. Instead of increasing park admission for all to compensate for several slobs, fines should be levied against those people responsible for leaving garbage in the picnic area. A suggestion for picnickers is to bring along a large trash bag for personal clean up, to place next to park trash barrels that may be full.

People who are aware of situations where others are stealing, have a responsibility to prevent as much theft as possible. Tempting thieves to steal more inflicts harm on oneself and society as well as the thief.

People who are aware of situations where others are murdering, have a responsibility to prevent as much murder as possible. Tempting murderers to murder more inflicts harm on oneself and society as well as the murderer.

As all religious people subscribe to the notion that “God is good” then for one to commonly state that the immense evil that permeates throughout today’s society is “God’s will” and “there is nothing one can do about it”, is an evil statement and contrary to the statement that “God is good”.