sufficient. Most of the time, children were removed from their parent(s) and placed in orphanages in this bygone era. Some children fared better than others, depending upon the policies, procedures, and instruction of the individual orphanages of child placement. In particular, religious orphanages provided the best hope for a poor child’s future success in adult life. Foster homes were practically non-existent, but orphaned children were available for adoption. So, for poor adults the welfare system was a dismal and debilitating situation but many of the children were saved and were able to overcome their poverty and become self sufficient adults.

Today however, the welfare system is almost self perpetuating for the people who are recipients of welfare, as they have become entrapped by the system. Under the current system, usually housing is provided for adults and children through welfare and a monthly check is disbursed to pay for food, clothing, and other necessities, the amount is based on the number of people in the household. As one can easily surmise based on the information provided in the other commentaries, this monthly money received by the poor is usually spent a considerable time before the next payment is received, thus leaving the poor with no money for food for a lengthy time. In addition, few opportunities for comprehensive training or instruction are provided to remove the poor from the welfare rolls. Children raised in this environment have, many times, the same expectations for their life, as their parents. This results in an ever increasing number of people requiring welfare. Evil has used the perpetuation of the welfare family cycle to heavily promote abortions to this segment of the population. Also children who have been removed from parent(s) and placed in foster care or a group home situation usually suffer from mental health problems due to various abuses, and some have become involved in criminal activity. Foster care has also become a lucrative business for some individuals as a monthly payout for just one child in foster care can provide a thousand dollars a month income. Some people provide foster care for several children thus providing themselves with several thousands of dollars a month in income. Also, the lack of housing for the poor has also resulted in placing welfare recipients in hotels, resulting in huge bills for taxpayers.

Clearly, a substantial overhaul of the welfare system is necessary as this current system is immoral for welfare recipients and the taxpaying community alike. Possible solutions to rectify the problems inherent in this system are offered below.

First and foremost, very little money should be dispersed to the poor as gross mismanagement of money has become obvious to most people. The establishment of government food pantries and clothing depots should provide for most of the needs of the poor. In addition, food stamps can be replaced with authorization for recipients to procure food items at government food pantries as well, resulting in cost reductions. The building and establishment of small, possibly one room, welfare apartments, orphanages, and community work and study homes could supply all housing needs for the poor and at the same time, reduce the costs to the taxpayers. These buildings should be kept neat and clean and be well maintained to provide a decent environment for the disadvantaged. For the time being, low income housing relying on government and taxpayer subsidies should be eliminated as well, due to rampant fraud and other procedural abuses of this system.