this, then how much more difficult is it for virtual strangers to agree and cooperate in a private living arrangement situation. Combining these factors with the current state of vast immorality that permeates today’s society, it is plain to see how campus tragedies have become widespread.

Therefore, college students boarding away from home should be assigned separate living quarters. For many students, individual private living arrangements offer a reprieve from busy and sometimes chaotic days. The influence of some immorality during the school day, would be lessened as the student can retreat to a private room to revitalize him or herself after a sometimes stressful day. Also, the student’s study habits and college grades would most likely improve as well, due to reduced noise and the elimination of some of the diversions and distractions caused by roommates. Students and parents likewise can assist each other through cooperation in perhaps selecting a college or university close to home that offers the desired curriculum. Commuting to school offers the student, for the most part, a familiar and relaxed home environment. Assistance, if needed, is also many times offered to students by caring family members. Usually, there is a quiet area of the home where the student can accomplish the required study and practice. High school counselors can assist the student in selecting a school based on the individual’s manner, style of study, and disposition.

Psalm 91: 5 and 6 advises:

You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday.

Reducing campus violence and the exposure of students to further immorality through living arrangements, is the desire of God believing people with Biblical morals and values.

Evil desires anxiety among the young. One way to achieve this goal is to house students with incompatible and/or immoral roommates.

Commentary                              Attire and Body Art

In examining the history of fashion throughout the ages, it is plain to see that fashion reflects at minimum the economic, political, religious, and social aspects of a particular society during a given time period. For many groups in today’s society there is a clear depravity of the person displayed by some choices of style and dress.  Styles of dress and design that suggest a removal of a person’s dignity are: ripped and torn pants and/or shirt; short dresses, skirts, and shorts; tight clothing; exposure of breasts; female exposure of shoulders; shoes that bind the ankle; numbers; advertising slogans or brand names; low cut pants that expose the buttocks or the intimate undergarments covering the buttocks. Other articles of clothing displaying the depictions of skulls, black flowers, numbers, faces, and animals, just to name several, suggest a comradeship with the occult. Some fabrics worn by a person such as satin also suggest possible occult affiliation.

Body piercing degradations suggest that a person is suffering from inner pain, unhappiness, and a blaming of oneself. Temporary tattoos, face painting, and “cute” hand stamps given to prove admission