homeopathic practices, usually do not rely on drugs for remedies and cures and have resolved the health problems of many people.

Evil desires a pessimistic, uninvolved population. One way to achieve this is through promoting and infiltrating the society with drugs.

Commentary                                            Games

Society today is attached and addicted to games. An examination of history informs the researcher that many societies prior to their demise, were obsessed with games and other amusements. Today, almost all people are involved in one kind of game or another. Games can be used to distract a population away from societal problems. They are also used to focus the population’s attention away from immoral agendas and important issues confronting the people, offering a free reign to those in authority positions. Some games are used to engage the participants in capital sins such as greed, gluttony, and anger to further erode an individual’s moral fiber. This can easily result in agreeing with evil and can become an entrapment to engage in more serious crimes. Other games serve to confuse and disorient the players sometimes resulting in an aftermath of violent behavior and/or attention deficit disorders and learning disabilities. This serves evil’s purpose by eliminating some of the potential opposition to evil agendas.

Video games, a popular form of entertainment largely beginning in the early 1980’s requires extraordinary hand control as players push buttons faster than the body is designed to work. It is no coincidence that attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, violent behavior, and other problems of the nervous system developed in many youngsters at about the same time of video game popularity. In essence, the central nervous system and brain become short circuited. Some arcade games with strobe lights, high decibels of noise and simulations can create confusion and disorientation of the brain as well as hearing loss and vision problems.

Government sponsored lotteries that began in the middle 1960’s sanctioned gambling to an entire nation resulting in even children being taught that gambling is an acceptable behavior. As state lotteries were in the initial stages of being approved about forty years ago, people protested and objected to this further invitation to engage people in immorality. Proponents of state sponsored lottery gambling countered the protestors with promises of large school tax reductions based on lottery revenues. This promise resulted in the silencing of many objectors at that time. Henceforth, the reductions in school taxes were largely false as most have realized by their ever increasing school tax bill. In summation, it is important to remember that no good will ever be derived from an evil source.

Game playing is an ancient tactic used by an evil society to engage people in sins as Ecclesiastes 9:12 explains:

Moreover, no man knows when his hour will come: As fish are caught in a cruel net, or birds are taken in a snare, so men are trapped by evil times that fall unexpectedly upon them.