followed by suicide. Recreational drug use is an abomination causing chromosome and other genetic damages to oneself that can result in birth defects in future children. Drug users, many times are prone to lying and casting blame for their problems on others. Crimes of violence and theft to support drug habits are common among drug users. Needless to say, the reputation and credibility of the drug user is harmed, sometimes causing the individual to become self centered. This self centeredness leads to feelings of fear, anxiety, loss of confidence, and can create feelings of helplessness. The families of drug users are also affected and become diverted and distracted away from societal problems, as they focus attention on the drug problem of their loved one. This effectively eliminates the entire family from interfering in evil’s agendas. It is clear to understand how one lesser sin, the sin of drug use, can easily lead to greater sins and involvement in gross immoralities.

Recovery from this problem takes time and patience. The prayers of family and friends can help the drug abuser recover. For some it is wise to seek outside assistance in changing the behavior of the drug abuser. Others may be able to change their behavior and eliminate their drug habit without outside help. Writing about one’s troubles is good therapy as well as reading books on a topic of interest or a former topic of interest. This may be difficult at first as the brain has been traumatized. However, continued practice, most of the time results in complete recovery. New associations of people, physical exercise, and a plan to keep busy by organizing the day, and earnest prayers to God may help to overcome the drug habit.

The use of prescription drugs among the population has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels as well. Many of these drugs are obviously dangerous as one can ascertain by reading the side effects labeling of the drug, which is a mandatory part of the packaging under law. As a matter of fact, sometimes the “cure” (the drug) is more dangerous than the ailment suffered. Yet, people are ingesting these drugs at an alarming rate as never seen before in the history of mankind. The suspicion is that people are becoming complacent in their own demise, perfectly suiting a goal of evil. Some drugs are being prescribed for lustful purposes to engage people in capital sins. Several drugs are prescribed to kill the unborn human being, in violation of God’s Commandment. Other drugs are being overprescribed to compromise the body’s natural immune system which can prolong an illness or lead to other illnesses. The abundance of over the counter drugs, have caused addiction and deaths to some people.

To counter the demand of evil for a population reliant on drugs, there are several measures that individuals can take regarding prescription and over the counter drugs. For many people with colds and other body ailments, good nutrition and restful time is all that is necessary for recovery. Review the commentaries on Artificial Vitamins and Real Nutrition and Family for advice on healthy eating and the extra time and assistance gained through the concept of family compounds. One has discovered that the frequency of headaches increases with the consumption of pain relief drugs to alleviate a headache. In other words, suffering through an ailment without drugs, many times reduces the frequency of the ailment. For ailments, such as chronic illness, second or sometimes third physician opinions may result in a reduction of prescribed drugs. Holistic medicine such as offered in the fields of chiropractic or