Science based on natural law complements legitimate religion and is therefore good for people. The science of wizardry including the development of poisonous and dangerous products, procedures, or technology serves the occult.

Evil desires a hopeless population. One way to achieve this is to pollute and poison the environment.

Commentary                                          Manipulative Psychology

During the latter part of the 1950’s, psychologists touted a “new” method for parents and others to achieve desired child behavior without corporal punishment. Prior to that time, children were disciplined with spanking, scolding, and many times with citations from the Bible, including the Ten Commandments. For example, “Honor your Father and Mother” or suffer an additional wrath of God, were used to change the bad behavior of children. If the bad behavior involved lying or stealing, other Commandments served as reminders in conjunction with parental punishment. In the 1950’s, a new phenomenon termed reverse psychology became the more popular way to discipline and rear children.  Authorities wrote many books on the subject and these books were promoted heavily in the society. As one delves into the topic with research, it is plain to see that this method is akin to lying and therefore is in violation of a Commandment. Reverse psychology today has evolved and has expanded to include many more aspects of the same basic theme.

In the United States, another trend that has occurred over the past forty years that has resulted in inflicting adverse psychological consequences on the population of people is the propagation of “mega” stores and “mega” malls. Gigantic stores can confuse people, create anxieties and thus contribute to an initial reliance on a defense mechanism of self-centeredness which can result in selfishness. Colossal malls can frustrate, disorient, and confuse people leading them to withdraw from societal issues such as those discussed in the other commentaries.

Another psychological ploy that is widespread throughout this society is the presentation of ideas, procedures, rules, laws, and regulations that make little or no sense to the population. Many eloquently written or verbally delivered messages to people are in fact incomprehensible. The audience receiving an incomprehensible message will, many times, agree with the message without asking for a simplification or clarification of the message. Occasionally, clarification is requested and the authority delivering the message clarifies the message with another incomprehensible offering of the message. At that point, most of those questioning the content of the message give up and do no further prodding of the message deliverer. If the recipients of the message happen to be a group of people, the group dynamics are the people do not want to appear stupid among others. They will pretend to understand the eloquent incomprehensible message and therefore agree or comply with the message deliverer.

Confusing people through these psychological tactics has provided evil doers with free reign to do whatever they want to do. A possible solution to this evil practice is to ask for the message in writing to review and critique at a later time. If the message is found to be incomprehensible, then the authority delivering the message should be contacted, informed of the problem, and asked to clarify and perhaps