Another potentially dangerous pollutant to consider is the body chip promoted for identification purposes. In an evil society, the eventuality of these chips being used for extremely evil purposes is great. An article written, that is available on the internet as of this writing entitled Saudi Invents Killer Chip, discusses a chip imbedded under the skin with a global positioning system (GPS) to track an individual. This chip also contains cyanide that can be released into a body via remote control.

Other products such as toxic weed killers and fertilizers have decimated populations of wildlife through runoff into waterways and wetlands. Some of these products are dangerous to people too as can be ascertained by signs that are placed on properties to warn people to keep off lawns after chemical applications. Some may wonder, what is the point of having a lawn, if it cannot be used? And the chemicals used on the lawn also surround the house with toxins. The packaging of some products with materials that are not biodegradable or recyclable such as styrofoam are a menace to the environment and should be rejected as a packaging choice.

At the same time, some laws regarding a requirement for energy efficiency in appliances, lights, and plumbing products have actually resulted in the consumption of more energy and product waste. Some appliances that are energy efficient require more time to accomplish the task than their older counterparts. Some lights do not brighten for ten minutes or longer after being turned on. Toilets containing reduced water may require several flushes to remove waste, resulting in more water consumption.

Several solutions to serve people and maintain a clean environment are suggested with the following. A significant increase in desalinization plants with an accompanying vast system of pipelines could serve as an excellent water supply for the arid regions of the world, serving the populations need for food and potable water. Helping people to help themselves is a concept of God believing people. It is important to note however, based on a recent news report, that the salt removed from the desalinization process should not be returned to the ocean. An above normal concentration of salt in a given area of the sea will inflict harm on the aquatic creatures inhabiting the area. The salt derived from the desalinization process can be stored and sold in the open market. Recycling of plastics, metals, and glass could be substantially increased through offering incentives to people through cash payments in exchange for recyclable materials. Reducing the costs to repair products rather than replace products, reduces waste in landfills. A consideration to package food products in materials that are based on the composition and attributes of the food such as alkalinity level, may reduce the absorption of chemicals from the packaging into the food. Biodegradable materials should be used as a first choice when selecting a packaging material for a product. Reducing the price of biodegradable materials below that of polluting materials could be an incentive for manufacturers to change their packaging. Several countries in the world, have buried power lines underground eliminating radiation dangers from this source. For radiation emitted from  computer monitors, protective screens are available to place over the monitor. The long standing advice for television viewing is to view the picture from a safe distance of several feet from the screen. A rejection of products, procedures, and technologies that are toxic or dangerous is vital for personal and family safety.