The poor should be separated and treated differently based on health and age. The chronically ill and elderly poor should be provided with housing, access to government food pantries and clothing depots. A small weekly stipend dispersed to provide for other necessities should also be provided. Any money dispersed to the poor should be dispersed on a weekly, rather than monthly schedule to allow for improved budgeting by the poor. For able bodied individuals applying for welfare the assignment to a community work and study home would solve many of the problems associated with the current system, including the problems of welfare fraud. The concept of this home is to provide for an all inclusive community with strict hours and scheduling. Facilities of the home should include a room or two rooms for residents. Two rooms would be required for families with two genders. Each family group should be provided with a private bath room. A complete public school system should be provided on the premises to accommodate children in this situation (see the recommended curriculum in the secular education commentary). The mainstreaming of these students into community schools usually results in the singling out of the poor students by other more affluent students so a contained educational system is best.  A House of Worship offering Bible study should also be provided for people in this community. Other facilities of the home should include a cafeteria, child care center, laundry room, a library containing only moral and educational books and audio cd’s, a visual media center containing only moral and educational films, a clothing depot, and a craft room.

The community work and study home should be sustained mostly by the residents with each resident having scheduled responsibilities such as cafeteria work, childcare, cleaning the facility, yard care, and other jobs that are similar to maintaining homes everywhere. In addition, adults could be expected to work at a job twenty hours a week for one fourth minimum wage. The balance of three fourths minimum wage should be returned to the community group and study home to help defray the costs of operating the home. Community businesses or government may be able to provide these jobs. Thirty hours a week should involve the recipients in educational endeavors such as basic remedial instruction in reading, writing, and math if needed. Other instruction in various career training should be offered. Instruction in home skills, such as organization and cleaning, bookkeeping, budgeting, and scheduling can also help the recipients become self sufficient.

Philippians 2:4 teaches:

Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.

For those people who are not fulfilling the program’s requirements, they should be designated as chronically ill and transferred to a welfare apartment. Children however, should be removed and placed in a moral orphanage that is best located on the community work and study home grounds, to provide some stability in the child’s life. The foster care system should be completely abolished as it is mostly corrupt and inflicts harm on many children. Adoption can be offered as an alternative to those people seeking a child or children in their lives. Adoption could be based on a trial period to satisfy the prospective parents and the child with no exchange of money involved.