fast food restaurants and fast food frozen products began in the early 1970’s. A consistent diet of fast foods that are high in calories and low in nutrition are partly responsible for the gross obesity problems seen in this nation today. Lack of exercise and anxiety eating are also contributing factors, but to focus on obesity due to a steady diet of fast foods, it appears as though evil influences have consumed a large segment of the population who rely on this type of food for their main subsistence. A person who eats this food on a daily basis is most likely suffering from malnourishment. Any person, regardless of body weight can be malnourished based on a diet lacking in essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Malnourished people suffer from a multitude of physical and cognitive problems including psychological and intellectual deficiencies. As a matter of fact, one of the first questions a physician, psychiatrist, dentist, or teacher should ask a patient or student is about the individual’s eating habits and the type of food consumed.

Milk, the most completely nutritious food available, has not been stressed enough as one of the most important single sources of food. As most know, infants thrive and grow on a diet exclusively of milk. For young, middle aged, and elderly alike, milk consumption is vital for growth, strength, and stamina. Milk provides the necessary nutrients for healthy skin and muscle tone, and calcium for bone health and development. Milk also reduces feelings of stress and anxiety. One quart of milk consumed daily throughout a person’s life time helps to provide for a healthy body and sound mind. For children under twelve years, whole milk is best because it contains the fat necessary for the normal development of the brain.

Soup, containing a protein, vegetables, and a grain product such as rice or noodles is almost nutritionally complete. In a homemade soup, no vitamins and minerals are lost through processing and drainage. Soups are easy to prepare and serve as a healthy snack as well as a nutritious meal. Which brings us to the term snack, and what is a snack? A snack is an in between meal food that satisfies hunger. Any food that a person likes can be a snack. Some marketers however, have determined that snacks are cookies, candies, salty greasy chips, and any other unhealthy food that can create obesity and/or other health problems. In an immoral society, some people are strongly influenced into believing that unhealthy foods are the only snack alternatives.

Evil desires weak people. One way to achieve this goal is to deprive the population of the knowledge of of good and proper nutrition.

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Society Reaps What is Sown: The Bible

God has made everything unique and not all is seen, to be believed, but seeing is believing. It is taught in school that no two snowflakes are alike. It is not taught in school that no two pieces of popped corn are alike.