would be fine, but she objected to the possible use of non sterile instruments during the tattooing procedure and so she accompanied her daughter to the tattoo parlor. At this time I recalled the elementary school that both of our children had attended. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) had sponsored a weekend fair at the school where face painting and temporary tattoos were offered to the children of the school attending this social outing. I recognized during this discussion that young children were being prepared by the Parent Teacher Association to have their bodies desecrated in later life through this apparent benign introduction to “temporary” tattoos many years earlier. Still, I thought this parental attitude to be bizarre. Later this year, I became aware of the extreme promiscuity of young people. Many were involved in sexual activity and viewed this God ordained intimate aspect of marriage, as a physical education exercise involving many people and partners (this was a type of an insane sports team mentality). In conjunction with the above stated immoralities, the showering and washing of one’s body sometimes three to four times a day became commonplace. Among several reasons given for this obsessive behavior was that the shower provides one with a means of relaxation. Drug use apparently was another means of a highly destructive way to relax as the schools became infiltrated with illicit drugs.  Beer and wine, the popular intoxicating beverages of my era of youth in the 1970’s and legal for purchase at eighteen years old was legislated to be illegal in recent times until reaching the age of twenty one years of age. In an almost purposeful way, dangerous drugs replaced these low in alcohol beverages.

Spouse, daughter, son and I were invited to and attended a sixteen year olds birthday party that was held in the large basement of a church. This event included a variety of participants including young and old, traditional and conservative and liberal and progressive. The music played at this celebration was a combination of the reflections of all of the above kinds of philosophies and lifestyles, which in at least two of the above listed cases is most inappropriate based on the location of the event. Therefore it is suggested that any celebration’s program attended at a church or contained on church premises be carefully scrutinized by church officials for good moral content, prior to the event. This includes the type of music desired to be played, as well as certain performances and activities that will be portrayed to parishioners and the general public on church property.

I was mortified when informed that the local Catholic Church, a beautiful and quaint field stone building was scheduled to be demolished to build a larger church on this same plot of land. This demolition did not make sense to me as I believed that an addition to the existing church could have easily accomplished the perceived need for a larger church, at much less of a cost than building a new church while at the same time, maintaining this most loved church. After suggesting this idea to a church official, I was told that builders had stated that it was more cost efficient to demolish the old church and then construct a new church. I thought this reasoning to be bizarre. In the spring, son was confirmed in the parish school due to the demolition of the church. Son selected brother’s and godfather’s name for his Confirmation name. A requirement of the Confirmation program was for the youths requesting to receive this sacrament to attend Catholic mass regularly. Attendance cards were required to be submitted to the priest at the conclusion of mass. I thought this to be disparaging, an affront, and an undue additional burden on the priest.