cases no permission granted by the subject of the inquiry was needed. By 2006, I recognized more invasions of personal privacy as most everyone’s home address is posted on the internet with no permission granted by the person of residence. The above stated examples of privacy invasions are likely in violation of God’s Law regarding coveting.

In the winter of this year, spouse, daughter, son and I together with another family of our acquaintance attended a bowling alley to engage in this sport. The interior of the bowling alley was darkened and multicolored lights were flashed in a strobe light way onto the bowling lanes as loud music played. I could not concentrate on my bowling technique and could not clearly see the pins at the end of the lane. I believed this to be an absolute insane way to engage in this sport and have not participated in this activity since.

Over the course of the previous few years and well into the early years of the twenty first century, I noticed how extravagant gift giving was becoming. Bridal and baby showers changed from casual acquaintances giving small gifts to many giving very expensive gifts. For example, the purchase of a carriage for a baby in the past was usually given by a close family member or was a combined gift of several family members. During this time, a casual acquaintance would purchase this large and expensive gift for example, for someone with whom they were merely friendly. In addition, registries with a listing of desired gifts, was distributed to party attendees by the future recipient of gifts. Through further contemplation of this practice, it becomes clear that some people are politely demanding certain and specified gifts. In the past, this practice would have been considered to be extremely rude and ill mannered behavior.

This year one became aware of some people seeking vacation excursions that included programs to swim with sharks. By 2012, a sea aquarium in the vicinity of one’s residence invited children and others attending the aquarium, to “pet” sharks contained in a shallow pool.

A student had informed me about a disturbing phenomena that was occurring at school. After paying for lunch, many students would throw any returned change (coins) around the school cafeteria and school corridors. I would surmise that some school employees acquired plenty of extra money due to this crazy behavior. I also was alarmed with the over abundance of curse words and lewd discussion that I had heard permeating from the mouths of youths and other young people who were not only students but also employees of the corporation of my employment. I stated to daughter and son that through the use of expletives people lose their civilized vocabulary and thus can only speak using cuss words. In addition, I increasingly noticed the volatile tempers of all people both young and old. The slightest inconvenience or problem experienced often times resulted in an outburst of intense anger usually directed at a particular person. In the past and as a youth, I commonly recognized the grouchy and nasty attitudes of some older people but rarely did I witness this in younger people. Now, both old and young exhibited irritable dispositions. The tattooing of one’s skin and multiple piercings of one’s body to include ear lobes, tongues, and the naval area were also becoming very prevalent with the youth. Discussing this increasing problem with a parent acquaintance, the acquaintance stated that the tattooing of her child