I did not need at this time) where he attempted to give me a ticket for not wearing my seatbelt. I refused to accept this ticket and told him to send it to my home. This incident resulted in me being strong armed and brought to a county facility to speak with a psychiatrist. This incident is further explained in another letter written in 2003.

It did not seem possible with so much correspondence sent to government and other officials that this imperative issue to eradicate abortion could result in no positive changes. As a matter of fact, abortion was increasing especially in laboratories. I began to contemplate that perhaps people were not receiving the letters sent. The example of the 434 Congressional Representatives who did not receive the letter sent dated September 7, 2001 only fueled this thought. So, at the end of September, I decided to hand carry these letters to other government agencies including The Federal Communications Commission and The Department of Justice. I also delivered the letters to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, The National Right to Life office and once again to The Washington Post. I was also beginning to sense that some people were trying to prevent me from delivering the truth to the American people. I stated to mother that I might not return from this visit as I might be shot by an assassin. She advised me not to go but I insisted on this visit to hand deliver the letters and other information on abortion to the above mentioned groups. Shortly after arriving home, I was horrified to learn that a sniper was murdering people in Washington D.C..

After my failed individual attempt earlier in the year to raise money for an educational national billboard campaign to end abortion in the United States, I decided to attempt to enlist the support of pro-life groups, to raise this money collectively. I thought it would be easy enough for many members of Right to Life and other pro-life groups to sell chocolate bars to earn the money for a national educational campaign to end abortion. A distributor of chocolate bars came to my home in November to discuss this potential fundraiser. Following this visit, I wrote a letter sent to four Right to Life leaders and copied three politicians and the chocolate distributor on this letter. The content of the letter is shown below. The names of some people have been removed from the original letter.

“Dear Right to Life Leader:

A chocolate distributor for both Hershey Chocolates and Nestle Chocolates stopped by my home for a meeting on 11-8-2002,(* author’s note: The name of the person and telephone number has been omitted) to discuss a possible candy fundraiser for Right to Life Groups to partake in at the national, state, and local levels.

The time is now for Right to Life Groups throughout the Nation to organize and move forward with a National Public Service Message Campaign. The statistics on abortion, a phone number to call, and perhaps a graphic display of this horror will convince mostly unaware Americans, to act against this National Tragedy.