noticed two trucks about to pull out of a very long driveway. Off the foot of the driveway was a narrow, circular turn around. Logistically, to allow one truck to pull out, I believed it necessary to pull into the long driveway as the first truck was in the process of pulling out of the driveway. This resulted in my vehicle facing the second truck just several feet onto the driveway. After pulling out of the driveway, the driver of the first vehicle disembarked from the truck and told me he was telephoning the police as I had entered his property. I told him to go right ahead as this was completely an absurd reaction based on the circumstances. I was surprised when the police actually arrived at this scene. The police officer stated that I was trespassing. I retorted that there was a logistic reason for pulling into his driveway and that some people pull several feet into my driveway to turn around and that I would never telephone the police concerning this frivolous matter. The police officer then stated that the road was a private road. In the past in our community, if a road was private this was posted at the entrance of the road. In this case there was no sign posted informing other residents and snow plows of this fact. A short time after this incident, I sensed harassment as many cars began to pull into my driveway and turn around over a short period of time. I however, did not telephone the police.

I purchased a list from a pro-life group that contained the names of corporations, businesses, and other organizations that supported through their donations the murderous and destructive agency of Planned Parenthood. I was astounded at the many familiar and trusted names on this list. I boycotted, to the best of my ability the organizations shown on the list through the removal of patronization of these concerns. Also contacted in 2004, was the pro-life group who released the list where I inquired of possible private labeling contracts of those listed, as some of the organizations shown may have been involved in this kind of business. The pro-life group could not give me any information on the private labeling contracts of the businesses shown on the Planned Parenthood donation list. Later, and by 2011 another list was published free of charge, containing the names of corporations and pharmaceutical vaccines containing the fetal stem cells of aborted human beings. Some food companies also were using derivatives of these cells for flavor enhancers. This tremendously evil occult practice is designed to engage masses of people in the horrific immorality and crime of cannibalism so that evil doers can gain more power over the population and wealth for themselves. Comparing the list of 2004 with the list of 2011, I realized that a few major food corporations owned hundreds if not thousands of brand names. I stated to spouse that to reject this insane and despicable immorality, one may not be able to eat. An interim solution to this problem may be to consume only fresh and natural (organic) products. However, most of us do not know if the businesses engaged in adding aborted human beings cells to food products, are also involved in the farming, meatpacking, and seafood industries for some examples. I believe the responsibility for the deplorable addition of aborted human beings stem cells in food products, vaccines, and body creams, rests with the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and possibly with the law enforcement agencies of government.

Through the media, one was informed of an August march across a bridge in a city to support abortion policies in the United States. Believing that this group of people failed to recognize the intense destructiveness of abortion on the society, I decided to notify the marchers of their grave mistake in supporting abortion, through the delivery by car of information on bumper stickers containing the