By this year, it became clear to one that some people are permitted freedom of speech as guaranteed in the United States Constitution but others are persecuted in many ways and/or perhaps murdered when they exercise their right to freedom of speech. It is also important to note that the type of freedom of speech widely permitted in this nation and in media over the course of forty years or so has been largely immoral.

One desired at this time to perhaps have the website translated into several foreign languages to aid other non-English speaking people with the understanding of the vital need to return to the adherence of The Ten Commandments and other morality expected of people by God. So in June, one began corresponding through email with a translation business in the United Kingdom that was located near London. Shortly after informing the representatives of the translation business about the above website to be translated into several foreign languages, subway bombs were detonated by deranged individuals resulting in the deaths of fifty two people and the injuries of more than seven hundred people. Further information on these bombings can be found at Immediately following the subway bombings, the translation business one was corresponding with ceased communicating with me regarding translation services and costs but did send irrelevant emails. So, one decided to abandon this translation project due to perceived threats launched by evil doers against the society. Later one was pacified with the knowledge that foreign language readers could obtain a poor translation of through the internet at .

During these past few years and at this time, one experienced an unusual wave of appliances that were breaking and ceased to function. For examples, an oven and range, two clothes washing machines and a dryer, refrigerator, freezer, barbeque grill, and two dishwashers had to be replaced within a short period of time. Some of these appliances were less than five years old. As odd as this conclusion may seem to some people, one believed this phenomena to be further financial attacks against our family by evil doers.

One day after spouse arrived home from work and at dinner, I remarked to spouse that a window cleaner I was using was actually making the windows dirtier by causing a streaking of the glass with oil like smears. A day later and while at work, a manager of the firm of spouse’s employment remarked to spouse that a window cleaner he was using was actually making the windows dirtier by causing a streaking of the glass with oil like smears. Spouse relayed this story to me at dinner time the following day. We glanced at each other with disgust. By August and after securing an important business contract, spouse was dismissed from this job for reasons unknown to him. This began two and one half years of financial hardship for our family. Just before spouse acquired another job in January 2008, spouse, daughter, son, granddaughter, and I were prepared to permanently leave the United States for a country in South America. During this extended period of unemployment, no charity such as food stamps was applied for as accepting charity from evil sources, subjects those who are accepting the charity, to be influenced by evil.