NASA deliberately strikes the comet Tempel 1 with a component of a deep impact probe to study the materials emitted from the comet and the crater resulting from the impact.

Remarks: A horrific earthquake in Kashmir and the surrounding area results in the deaths of multitudes of people and the disappearances of entire towns. A new priority for scientists appears to be to increase the intelligence of some animals.


Beginning on January 6, I continued to add some advice, information, and ideas to “Consideration” as a title in the original website in 2005, to the established website begun in 2003. Below are shown these additions to the original website

11. For perhaps some peace of mind concerning required dental or medical intervention an organization of professionals who support life principals can be found on the internet. The association of participating dentists and physicians deplore the destruction of human life whether the murder is (committed) through surgical, drug induced, or laboratory means. This medical association is also against euthanasia, assisted suicide, and the killing of the human person by other methods. Information on this association including a nationwide listing of participating dentists and physicians can be obtained by logging onto (*authors’ note:  In retrospect, this organization contains too few remedial members and the medical and dental referral system likely voids any benefits or peace of mind this organization provides to patients.) (* On February 20, the following was added to Consideration.)

12. Research blackbox voting, corruption in the voting system, and vote fraud. Also read “Votescam, The Stealing of America” a book that can be purchased or read in its’ entirety on the internet. Diligent investigation will reveal that a foolproof and verifiable voting system is necessary. The following solution is offered: Votes registered by voting machines could be directly posted onto the internet showing the following information. 1. the voter’s name 2. the voter’s identification number 3. the individual voter’s vote(s). This tabulation method ensures accuracy as the individual and others can self check the vote. Protecting the confidentiality of the voter’s vote, lends itself to the following question. Are the people really concerned (about) keeping their vote “confidential” when all personal lives have been stolen and in many cases destroyed partly due to a significant number of people attaining political office illegitimately? (*On August 2, the following was added to Consideration.)

13. If seeking an obstetrician or gynecologist for required care, contemplate telephoning the selected physician’s or midwife’s office prior to scheduling the visit. Ask if he or she provides abortion services or gives abortion referrals in addition to the ordinary gynecological and/or obstetrical practices. For obvious personal safety reasons and for the safety concerns of a conceived infant if carrying a child, ponder selecting a physician who does not provide abortion services nor gives abortion referrals.

On March 5, I added a short commentary to the title of “Explanation” shown in the original website and added on January 26, 2005. Below is shown this edited commentary.