is enclosed) that will be brought forth to the Supreme Court, sometime this summer. I have been told that it will be sometime during the month of July.

I am asking that neighbors please bear the signs for another year, with the hope that this message will inspire our citizens to telephone Washington D.C. and express their outrage regarding Government approved abortion legislation. If Roe vs. Wade is not overturned by litigation brought forth by The Texas Justice Foundation, I will remove all signs and the flagpole with flags from my property and hope for the best.

Yours truly,

Barbara Nikonoff

On March 15, after reading an article in the New York Times Magazine posted on March 9, that discussed the progression of abortion in the United States and mentioned the Fourth Circuit Court in the article, I decided to write and send the enclosed letter to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal Judges, Law Clerks, Circuit Executive, and Clerk of the Court. Other letters included in this book were forwarded on as well. Written below is the content of this letter included in the original The author has added one current note to the original letter.

Dear Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal Judges and Law Clerks:

After reading an article published in the New York Times Magazine on March 9, 2003, I feel that it is imperative that the enclosed information be provided to you.

There have been profound changes that have occurred in our Nation after the approval of Roe vs. Wade in 1973. These changes are not generational changes. Consideration and respect for others, as well as our own sense of dignity have largely been lost in the years following the Federal Government’s approval of abortion. I fear that if our Nation continues to uphold this immoral legislation, within 20 years, we will cease to exist.

Communities throughout America seem to have lost a sense of humanity after the approval of Roe vs. Wade, and this loss includes genuine concern for others. In the past, children in our town were regularly outdoors playing with other children in the neighborhood. Over the years and since 1970, there has been a slow but marked and insidious change to this normal environment. Today, rarely are children seen outside playing and conversing with one another. Recreation equipment abounds in our neighborhoods but it has become unusual to view children using this equipment. As a matter of fact, so few people are seen in their yards that the deer, coyotes, and bears have moved into our living area and neighborhoods.

Please review the enclosed materials and decide on matters of Court with good and moral conscience to help the United States of America become the Great Nation we once were. We cannot continue to cower down to the microscopic few that are largely without morals, a social conscience, and are