Retrospective: The use of abbreviations is one method evil uses to confuse language and confound the listeners. For one example on how language is confused, I noticed that some abbreviations can refer to more than one meaning. An investigation should be conducted to ascertain valid reasons why a large section of classroom space is no longer available for students and teachers use. Also, is this bizarre situation of available classroom non use to the preference of rented portable classrooms, occurring in other schools? People are increasingly attacked by evil within the society. Reject insanity by not participating in deranged activities and other situations. God warns people not to tattoo themselves. Read the Commentary on Attire and Body Art shown at the end of this book regarding the Bible passage related to tattoo’s. People are accepting decrees that defy common sense.

Historical Accounts 2000: 56

Scientists basically can identify the genes of all human beings by June 26.

NASA launches five space shuttle missions.

Remarks: Many people do not understand the tremendous dangers of genetically identifying individuals. Read the Commentary on Genetic Identification shown at the end of this book for further information.


I was increasingly recognizing that I was experiencing a problem comprehending conversation. I was unsure if this problem was due to me, or the others that I was conversing with. I decided to read some of the textbooks that students were were using in school. Much of what was written in the textbooks, I perceived also to be incomprehensible. I read sections of these textbooks to spouse and also our children. Spouse agreed that some passages written in these textbooks made no sense. Certain words of irrelevance not related to the subject of the sentence, were haphazardly placed in sentences seemingly designed to confuse and confound the reader. In addition, some sentences included in paragraphs were shown to have nothing to do with the topic of discussion. Also the use of two negatives in sentences actually resulted in a positive (turning English into mathematics) further confused and disoriented the reader’s understanding of a topic. When I approached some students with this fact, it was remarked that it does not matter what is written in the textbooks as the teachers do not use or closely follow these books for instruction. Apparently also report “writing” consisted of printing information off of the  computer and turning this information in to the teacher for a grade. I also became aware that young people were identifying most ingestible substances as drugs. I was told that because I smoke cigarettes and drink coffee or occasionally tea that I was a drug addict. Upon inquiry, I later discovered that this curriculum was being taught in the schools. As one can realize the above curriculum taught to young people justifies the use of extremely dangerous pharmaceutical grade drugs. Another course offered at school required students to actually sell a confectionary product. Apparently, the students that sold the most products received the higher grade. I do not know where the money was disbursed from the sales of these products. During this time I curtailed my acceptance of social invitations. One of the last social gatherings I attended was a few weeks after the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center