flown on the same pole. But with that suggestion aside, I visited the local library to research the symbols of the five major world religions and discovered that the Buddhist religion was represented with a Wheel, Christianity a Cross, Hinduism an Om, Muslim a Crescent Moon and Star, and Judaism with the Star of David. I believe Divine inspiration assisted me in selecting the colors of the flags to arrive at the following combinations: The Buddhist Wheel was represented in gold with a dark green background, the Christian Cross was shown in brown with a yellow background, the Hindu Om was depicted in red with a gold background, the Moslem Crescent Moon and Star was shown in white with a navy blue background and the Jewish Star of David was depicted in blue with a white background.  I also thought about combining these symbols on one flag to suggest cooperation between these faiths. The background color selected for this representation was purple with a dove and olive branch featured centrally. I hired a computer graphic designer to photograph the flags and place them on an advertising slick for mailings and Sunday newspaper supplement promotions. Somehow I managed to find addresses of flag manufacturers in the area on our virus infiltrated home computer. After a few telephone discussions with different companies, I settled on one company in New Jersey to manufacture six sample flags. I then visited our home computer to provide me with directions to the sales office of the flag manufacturer. The directions provided by our computer stated that one needed to cross a bridge over a river only to cross the river again after driving several miles on a highway, by tunnel. I stated to spouse that the computers were likely being programmed to provide false and illogical directions. Through this experience one can surmise that other false and illogical information is being provided to the population of people through “reliable” sources on the internet. After procuring the sample flags from the manufacturer, the promotional business hired photographed the flags and produced ten thousand, eight and one half inches by eleven inches advertising slicks. The advertisement is provided to view by the reader at the end of this year’s autobiography. The business address has been removed. Shortly after producing this advertising material the graphic artist’s home and place of business was infiltrated, burglarized, and vandalized by a group of wayward youths while the graphic artist and the family were not at home.

In conjunction with this flag manufacturing and promotional process, I sought the assistance of an attorney to explain the establishment of various business options. I requested that this flag company be established as a not for profit organization as all profits procured were intended to be used for an educational campaign to end abortion. The attorney informed me that there were certain restrictive government rules and regulations regarding charitable, not for profit organizations and when some of these were explained, I rejected this type of business establishment due to these restrictions as these restrictions would have prevented me from saying what I wanted to say. The attorney then stated that a corporation would be established with charitable deductions taken at the end of the fiscal year. The attorney gave me the example of Paul Newman’s pasta sauce company where all profits from the business benefit charity. This is how the attorney stated the flag company business would be established.

Prior to soliciting flag sales from the general public, fifty letters and as I recall other pertinent information were sent to major corporate foundations requesting financial support for a national