By January, I decided to become involved in the pro-life movement as I began to more clearly recognize that abortion and infanticide were one of the major reasons for the increasing immorality and insanity in the society. I joined a local Right to Life group who arranged for bus service to Washington D.C. for the March for Life demonstration and walk on Constitution Avenue to the Capital building. Upon arriving in Washington D.C., I was astounded to view the large crowd of people that gathered from all areas of the country for this event. After listening to speeches from religious groups and political leaders the people attending the event proceeded to walk to the Capital building. I decided that rather than to try to follow the local Right to Life group who was maneuvering through this crowd of people, I would instead view what was occurring at this March. This decision resulted in me losing the familiar faces of this hometown group. After the March, I somehow found my way through a complicated and attendant free but computerized subway system to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception where I attended Catholic mass. Prior to attending the scheduled mass, one stopped at the cafeteria of Catholic University which is next to the Cathedral, to procure a small meal. I brought this meal to an outside table where other students sat at other tables and dined. While the students dined, one watched food packaging debris blow off of a table that was not retrieved by the any of the four students, sitting at the table. I was disgusted to view this general lack of concern for the environment by the students. After attending mass I strolled through this immense Cathedral together with thousands of other people. I noted in the center of the dome of the Cathedral a painting of a blond, blue eyed man. I thought to ask who this person was but decided against it as I was in a solemn mood that day and did not desire to converse with others. I assumed this man to be a Catholic saint. Bus transportation was provided from this location back to the area of my residence.

During the next four months at work, I regularly checked a mass media news source to scan the news for any progress in the correcting of immoralities within this society. I strongly believed that the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center buildings were most definitely related to abortion. Most all news reviewed suggested that instead of rectifying societal problems (including abortions in laboratories), societal immoralities were increasing. At this time, I thought about quitting my job to work full time to assist in the goal of eliminating abortion. So finally, one day in May I left the company of my monetarily paid employment.

After leaving my job, I discussed the critical need to end abortion with various people including some of those in the prolife movement. I believed that an intensive national educational campaign was needed to end this tragedy. The responses I received ranged from indifference to mild acknowledgement of this problem where it was explained to me that funds were not available for such an endeavor. Frustrated and exasperated with the above conclusion and resignation, I decided to attempt to raise money for a national highway billboard campaign to alert the population to the urgent need to end abortion. One idea contemplated for products that I could sell in order to raise the necessary funds for this project, were religious flags. This idea was solidified one day while driving through town. At the local Catholic school, I noticed the flag pole installed on the premises with two flags flying on one pole, the American flag was positioned on top of the flag of the religious order. I was thinking at the time that a religious flag should be flown above the national flag (as we are “one nation under God’) when two flags are