a maze like situation as we tried to find our way back to the bus which was soon to be departing back to the cruise ship. The entrance from the parking lot into the area of the waterfall was straight and within a short walking distance. The hurried exit from the waterfall was long, winding, and arduous as we maneuvered around many retail shops. The suggestion is to switch the entrance and exit to this magnificent waterfall as some people may be in a hurry to catch a bus on exiting this natural wonder.In Colombia, we hired a tour guide to show us the sights of the quaint and antique areas of the city of Cartagena. We visited an antique Catholic monastery located on the top of a hill where we were mistakenly told that St. Augustine resided there. Later, and after provided with home internet access and reliable service, I discovered this monastery to be not where St. Augustine resided but to be an Augustinian monastery. While on the way to the monastery I was disturbed to view a partially clothed baby precariously tottering near a precipice of a hill. Inside the monastery, very old and antique Spanish coins were displayed in glass cases in a museum room. I wondered why however, newly minted Susan B. Anthony coins were also displayed together with these antique coins. Visiting a church in town, I was frightened to view a complete skeleton of a renowned church leader displayed in front of the altar. I believed this display to be evil. Later we shopped for souvenirs. One shop entered displayed large amounts of emerald and gold jewelry on the top of empty glass jewelry security cases. I thought this to be bizarre. In Panama, I noted the severe poverty situations of many people residing in Colon. I wondered how this could be possible as the country of Panama most logically receives huge revenues from the fees paid by the thousands and thousands of boats and ships that pass through the Panama Canal on an annual basis. The infrastructure of this area of the country is also primitive. Some roads are dangerously narrow and unpaved. While visiting an old and ancient fort at the top of a hill, our tour guide’s automobile tires became stuck in mud as the access road to this fort and popular tourist destination was unpaved.

Retrospective: When I attended public schools in the 1960’s to 1970’s, textbooks were relied on for most all classroom instruction. At that time and for the most part these books were comprehensible. Public school districts may want to reference textbooks from the 1960’s for comparison purposes. In an immoral society, many people do not want to discuss issues of societal importance or become involved in changing immoral situations thus giving evil doers, free reign to inflict further immorality and damages on the society. Children and others are reporting parents for some perceived or real injustice or abuse that is similar to what was written in the prophetic book “1984”. Perhaps also some parents are being reported through extremes of coveting occurring inside of their homes. As far as one is concerned, items “taken” from passengers should be returned to them when reaching the destination of their flight. Confiscated items could be placed in a package and sent to the departing flight where airline personnel could maintain the designated contraband until arriving at the destination when it is then returned to the passengers. Considerable thought should be given to the wanton practice of circumcision where Biblical religious instruction is void or lacking for the male children undergoing this procedure. This Jewish Covenant, when there is little or no teaching of Biblical morality could serve the purposes of the occult. In other words the Covenant is not between God and the person but between the occult and the person. The occult therefore could gain an evil influence over the biblically