besides the mortgage) had to be paid before we could secure the fixed rate mortgage. The selling of the mortgage resulted in the escrow account withholding to be increased from one year to one and a half years reserve, causing a financial hardship to spouse and I.

Our summer vacation was spent in Maine, at a rented ocean front two family house that we would return to a few times over the next five years or so. On our last visit to this house, the ocean at high tide was under the pilings of the house that caused the dwelling to shake causing concern to spouse and I. There was also a for sale sign in the front of the house that the ocean apparently had bought, because in a subsequent visit to this area in Maine a short time later, the house had disappeared.

In October, spouse and I had decided to view a movie after eating dinner that was showing at a local cinema. The dinner dishes were cleaned but hot food that was left over, remained on the kitchen counter to cool. Our young dog was confined to the laundry room as she could be destructive at times by chewing on furnishings. Spouse and I then left the house for this two hour movie. Upon our return, we entered the kitchen and noticed a door molding detached from the frame. I remarked to spouse that he did not use enough nails when installing the moldings. Then I saw the left over dinner on the table with utensils and a bottle of half consumed beer. Realizing that someone had entered our house, I ran around the home checking rooms. The dog was safe, but our belongings were burglarized. All my gold, gemstone, and silver jewelry were gone and spouse’s commuting bus tickets were stolen. We called the police and filed a report. Later, I thought about a small half dollar coin collection owned which was contained in a coin bank. This bank as I remarked to spouse several times over the year, was very well hidden and the hiding place was divulged to spouse. The bank was inside of a wall unit cabinet behind record albums and other papers. When I went to retrieve this bank, I realized that it too was stolen. I wondered for many years how the burglar found this bank and eventually resigned myself to the fact that he was probably a professional “cat burglar”. I was extremely upset after this incident, feeling personally violated. In addition, irreplaceable family heirlooms were stolen causing additional grief. During the week after the burglary, I prayed to “Italian grandfather in heaven” that the burglar be caught. I thought about praying to God, but reconsidered that God was too busy to be concerned with my stolen jewelry. By the following weekend, father telephoned the house of friends that we were visiting that evening, to inform me of the apprehension of the burglar by the police. I could not believe what I just heard and asked him why he was notified. Father told me that the burglar was caught burglarizing another person’s home and he was wearing my high school ring with my name engraved inside the ring. Spouse and I quickly left the home of friends and drove to the police station where the burglar was being held. In a hurry, I drove with the hazard lights on my vehicle. Someone driving in front of me did not pull over but instead, would not let me pass. This one sided game went on for some time. I remarked to spouse that if someone was ill, a deranged individual like the one driving in front of me, could cause the death of a person.

After arriving at the police station, I was informed that this burglar was out on parole from a state prison. He also was a drug addict and apparently desperate for money to support his habit. Although I never saw the burglar, they asked me to pick him out of a five man lineup. I stated that a sneaker foot