automobile service station to jump start our vehicle. That business did well that day, as most of the cars in the parking area had the same problem.

The utility company serving electricity and natural gas to the area of our residence included two bar graphs comparing customer usage of natural gas and electric for the current year and the prior year on the statement of the charges billed monthly. Initially, one believed that every year our family was consuming more and more natural gas and electric. One then would state to spouse that we needed to be more diligent about turning down the thermostats and shutting off the lights in the house. Later, and at about this time one realized that an ever increasing quantity of natural gas and electric was not being consumed by us but rather the utility rates were increasing. One then realized the “usage charts” displayed on the bill to be false.

In middle summer, we procured tickets to see a performance held at the prestigious military academy near to our home. This occasion was one of the very few times that spouse and I left young daughter and/ or, infant son with a babysitter. The girl asked to babysit was a seemingly pleasant young teenager that I had not asked to babysit before. Spouse and I left that evening at about 7:30 pm and returned home at about 11:30pm, relieving the babysitter at that time. Quickly checking on our sleeping children after arriving home, spouse and I went to bed. In the morning, I entered our infant son’s room to retrieve him from the crib. It was at this time, that I saw many small cuts on his thighs. Summoning my two year old daughter, I asked her what had transpired the night prior. She stated that she did not know and that the babysitter stated to her that these small bloody cuts on the baby’s legs were from a “lollypop”. Spouse and I concluded that these small cuts were inflicted by fingernails. Confronting the girl who babysat for us later that morning, I was informed of a recent parental hospitalization and the young girl then ran away from me. Suspecting then that the family was troubled, there was an inquiry made of an acquaintance who worked for the Department of Social Services. The advice given was not to pursue this matter with social services as spouse and I might be accused of this child abuse, potentially resulting in the removal of our children from our home.

At the end of the summer, spouse, daughter, infant son, and I vacationed at our usual vacation seaside town in Maine. Upon arrival to the rented cottage and after unpacking our belongings, we strolled to the beach. Infant son was walked to the beach in a stroller and this was left at the entrance of the beach while we took a short walk on the beach. On returning to the beach entrance after our walk, the stroller was gone. I was disgusted to realize that some people are so immoral that they would even steal a baby’s stroller. We carried our son for the extent of that vacation.

Retrospective: Society influences people to engage in activities and events that they may not really want to participate in. Through repeated self examination obviously conducted over a lengthy period of time, it is possible to decline these expectations and the influences of others. Examine obvious factors of a circumstance before deciding to participate. For example, before deciding to go to the Adirondack Mountain region for a long weekend in February with an infant, the temperature should have been checked for that area, during that time of the year. The babysitting experience was a horror for me. It