extended and heavy rainstorm. The employee insisted that I keep the umbrella. This act of kindness was unexpected.

When first arriving at our home in South Florida, I realized how attuned I was to the surrounding perimeter of my being. On our property and throughout the area many quickly moving lizards dwelled causing me to jump with each movement of these creatures that were within the vicinity. By the end of our stay in Florida, I was no longer as jumpy and was more relaxed with the disturbing actions of not only lizards but of others, including both animals and people. I credit this “lizard training” for providing me with a more relaxed disposition.

During the summer, I encouraged daughter and son to become familiar with the neighborhood and hopefully meet other children within their age group. A park was nearby that I gave permission for daughter and son to independently visit. One day daughter and son arrived home from this park with a pail filled with water containing mosquito fish that they had caught in a canal in the park. I looked at their legs thinking that mud was splattered on their calves and shins. Within seconds I realized that this was not mud but leeches. I forbid them to venture into this canal for this reason. A few weeks later I provided daughter and son with another good reason for not entering the canal as I viewed a water moccasin snake curled up at the canal’s water’s edge. A short time later, I was disturbed by a story in the local newspaper of a young boy who was murdered on his way home from school. I did not allow daughter and son to independently visit this park again after reading this story.

Retrospective: I had nagging thoughts that we may not like this new area and mistrusted the corporation’s reasons for the relocation. I had heard about other people who were relocated due to a corporate move who regretted selling their home in their former area of residence, as they later found themselves without a job shortly after moving. If my family was contented in Florida after approximately five years, we intended to sell our residence in New York but maintain father in laws former home. I found the relocation expert hired by the corporation to be helpful in familiarizing us with living in this new area of the country. The consultant hired was a person who lived in this area of South Florida for many years and thus could offer much advice as well as statistical information. An all glass door has been responsible for many injuries and deaths over the years. It is wise to attach decals or some other identification to clear glass so both people and animals recognize this kind of barrier and door. Some people who are unfamiliar with the computer and the internet still view life on a local level. We more frequently had repairs accomplished on our home in Florida due to the reduced costs of hiring tradesmen. Home schooling children is much easier today because of the internet as much and varied school curriculum can be found on this medium. At times I saw groups of children jumping from a bridge in the nearby park into the canal to swim. Perhaps the posting of signs regarding dangerous wildlife inhabiting the canals such as poisonous snakes and alligators would dissuade youths from this activity.

Historical Accounts 1995: 51

An earthquake occurring on January 17 in Japan kills about five thousand people.