The Dow Jones Industrial Average surpasses 4000 for the first time on February 23.

A computer hacker is arrested for infiltrating security protected computer systems on February 15.

Pope John Paul II issues the encyclical The Gospel of Life on March 30.

Valeri Polyakov becomes the first person to remain the longest in space on March 22.

A bomb destroys a large United States federal building on April 19 in the State of Oklahoma killing one hundred and sixty eight people.

An earthquake in Russia occurring on May 28 kills about two thousand people.

About eight thousand five hundred people are killed in Bosnia.

NASA’s space shuttle Atlantis docks with the Russian Mir space station.

Remarks: Spouse returned from a business trip in the former country of Yugoslavia and showed me a book given to him there. The book depicted artist renditions of the Bosnian genocide where the heads of people were shown being kicked around a field like balls. It was suggested that we deliver this book to the United Nations. One was horrified at these renditions and discarded the book.  A member of a militia group destroys a government building in Oklahoma. Later, in 2002, I became aware that apparently this person was found to have in his possession the Operation Vampire Killer 2000 report.


Early in this year, I was informed by a family member that grandmother, the widow of Italian grandfather had acquired a terminal illness. I was upset and perturbed that kind and congenial grandmother was suffering. In August, spouse and I visited with her at her apartment where she was being cared for by a competent and efficient Polish woman who was referred to a family member by the   Hospice organization. I was saddened during this visit and could not think of what to say. Spouse did most of the talking to her and I was amazed at how lucid grandmother was as she responded well to a discussion and conversed intelligently with spouse. It was recommended to us on this visit that we not return to Florida as the expectation was that grandmother would die within a few days. Annoyed with this statement, I returned to Florida with spouse as I did believe in miracles and no human being knows when another human being will die. Life and death are the jurisdiction of God. The following day in the month of August and after arriving back in Florida, a telephone call was received that beloved grandmother had passed away. I immediately made arrangements with an airline to transport me back to New Jersey to attend grandmother’s funeral.

By January, we were well settled into our home and had become familiar with the area of our residence in Florida. I was busy maintaining the house and yard when I realized that four full days were required to maintain the premises with Friday reserved for a shopping day. In Florida, the constant raking of leaves was added to outdoor responsibilities as tropical trees are always shedding their leaves. Spraying to