the names of many, many people that could not be located by banks who were seeking them out for inactive bank account activity.

Through television and in the newspaper I became increasingly aware of the growing tragedies of missing persons. Relatives and friends reported that adults and children left their homes never to return. If a missing person states to another where he or she is going prior to departing an area and then not returning, suspicion should be cast on the intended destination of the victim. Authorities should pursue with vigor the contact person last intended to be seen by the missing person. Be advised that evil doers in positions of authority to include perhaps a doctor, lawyer, or “Indian Chief” may have killed the missing person but deny ever having contact with the person.

One day while driving through a town in South Florida, spouse, daughter, son, and I became stalled in traffic in front of a large convention center. The convention center was hosting an exhibit of guns for purchase. As “presentation is half the battle” one observed some of the most unscrupulous appearing individuals and groups that I had ever seen to this year, departing that convention hall.

During the dry season beginning from December to May in South Florida, many wild fires are a concern to many people living in this area. In the rainy season beginning from June to November however, the area experiences an abundant amount of rainfall. Thinking about the drought situation in this area of South Florida after returning to New York that was also experiencing an unusual drought, one realized that to my knowledge, manmade reservoirs to contain water from the rainy season do not exist in the area of South Florida. Reservoirs would likely be of great benefit to the people residing in this area of  Florida during the dry season.

A priority of mine after arriving in South Florida was to register to vote. One day while casting my votes through a ballot system, one realized that the wording of various referendums were very confusing. For example, there was an environmental issue concerning pollution being emitted into the Everglades by a corporation in the area. Environmentalists desired to issue sanctions against this company to end the pollution and voter support was required for the above measure through voting for the corporation being permitted to continue to pollute the Everglades or against the corporation therefore requiring sanctions to be implemented to end the pollution. In reading this referendum one recognized that if one thought that one was voting against the corporation, one was actually voting for the corporation because of the wording regarding this issue. On returning home from this “voting” experience I stated to spouse that a person requires to be highly intelligent to decipher the “double speak” when voting on some issues.

At the end of October, I applied for and was hired as a reservationist in the travel industry. Prior to beginning employment, a urine test was required which necessitated my attendance at facility designated by the corporation to administer this test to determine narcotic use. I was asked to provide a sample of urine and shown the lavatory. The laboratory attendant requested that my purse remain outside of the lavatory during the procuring of this sample which caused me angst as I thought that perhaps I would be robbed. A two month training period required intensive instruction on the