corporation’s computerized reservation system. After completing this extensive program, I was informed that I was required to change my name. I was furious that this requirement was not told to me prior to learning and studying the company’s products and procedures as I would not have accepted this job, had I known about this requirement prior to beginning employment. I asked why this name change was necessary and was told that there is another “Barbara” working for the corporation. I stated that one of the reasons for a last name is to solve the problem of confusion due to a duplication of a first name. The retort was that it is not “safe” to use one’s last name when in contact with the public. At that point I reluctantly assumed my Confirmation name for this job. At the end of the training program, it was required that the class view the products of the corporation exhibited at another location. I was one of several employees designated as a group driver. This required using my own vehicle when corporate vans were plainly visible and available for use in the corporate parking lot. I was annoyed that I was required to take the roadside risk with employee passengers in my vehicle for corporate business. I was also not reimbursed for mileage on this visit. In addition, one was dismayed to realize that Christmas Eve was a full working day with some shifts ending at 11:00 pm. Most all management did not work on Christmas Eve night. Other “lower level” employees working that night were required to prepare materials for promotional mailings to members of a travel club because there were very few reservations made and inquiries from the public that evening. As far as I was concerned this corporate policy was worse than a “Scrooge” situation where even “Bob Cratchit” was dismissed from his job earlier on Christmas Eve.

Retrospective: I believe that one aspect of father’s post surgery therapy where he was required to balance himself while resting his weight and moving around on a large ball to be insane. Government should rely on a publically educated and an environmentally concerned population of people to recycle materials without charging deposit fees on some kinds of containers. To provide additional incentive for some people, a widely publicized bulk price could be set for recycling paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic. It appears as though some people purposely try to aggravate others for no apparent reason. Reporting these people and businesses through various avenues on the internet may assist in solving this problem. It is recommended that shelf pegs be glued into a curio cabinet for one example prior to installing a shelf. Some aspects of an immoral society require people to be overly cautious through various legislations of law that serve to annoy many people. Other aspects of an immoral society permit crazy, insane, and dangerous situations, procedures, and activities. There are still a significant number of religious and moral people in today’s society which provides one with hope and faith in humanity. Apparently the virtue of not being wasteful and the words of wisdom that state “waste not, want not” ceases to be of moral relevance in today’s society as shown in the examples of the potato peeling contest and the demolition of the large shopping mall. There are less dangerous ways to collect donations or earn money for children’s sports. Laboratories designated to conduct tests on individuals for outside groups, should provide lockers where clients can safely deposit valuables if necessary. Once again, all people should be advised of a program, procedures, or requirements prior to agreeing to a situation. A solution to this huge problem may be obtainable through the reporting on various avenues of the internet immoralities inflicted by some people and businesses on other people. It is also