important to note that people who do not divulge the full content of a known situation are probably guilty of “bearing false witness against neighbors” which is in violation of a Commandment of God.

Historical Accounts 1997: 53

An earthquake in Iran kills approximately two thousand people on May 10.

A DNA analysis completed on July 10 of a skeleton identifies the fact that many people are related to a one hundred to two hundred thousand year old woman whose remains were identified by scientists as “Eve”.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average doubles in just thirty months to close for the first time above 8000 on July 16.

NASA launches a space probe to Saturn.

Remarks: DNA dating to about one hundred and fifty thousand years ago is identified as being contained in people living today. Read about the potential dangers of this technology in the Commentary on Genetic Identification contained in this book.


In June of 1997, shortly before daughter had completed the Catholic grammar school, I investigated perhaps enrolling her in a Catholic high school. This high school was a considerable distance from our home and was a girl’s only Catholic school. While touring the school, I noticed some wise and arrogant attitudes of a considerable number of students. The school was also overcrowded where daughter would have been placed on a waiting list. The tuition was also significantly higher in cost than the Catholic grammar school. Next, I explored a public magnet high school where students focused their studies on a specific curriculum or industry of potential employment. Daughter and I visited reportedly one of the best magnet schools in the city that was far from our home requiring personal transportation, but focused on daughter’s current contemplated future career interest. Daughter was not enthusiastic about attending this high school as she was not positive about definitely and seriously pursuing this future career goal. So, I enrolled her in what was reported to be a good general curriculum high school in close proximity to our home. At about the same time, I noticed and was informed of some additional problems that were occurring in the Catholic grammar school of daughter and son’s attendance. Some students were “out of control” and appeared to be corrupting other students. For examples, dress codes were constantly being violated and circumvented. Girls were required to wear skirts to a length of just above the knee. Some girls were wearing mini-skirts to school causing classroom disruptions. Boys and girls were required to wear a collared knit shirt tucked into their trousers or skirts. Some students initially were not tucking in their shirts and then eventually most all students were not tucking in their shirts. Vandalism of hallways and restrooms was becoming more frequent. Some students refused to participate in curriculum and were apparently not motivated by the possibility of failure. When son failed to turn in a tuition payment that remained in his knapsack about a month after its due date, I was