The first computer virus named “Brain” infects personal computers beginning on January 19.

A national resistance group allegedly responsible for the deaths of one half million people assumes power in Uganda on January 25.

Pope John Paul II is the first contemporary pope to visits a Jewish synagogue on April 13.

On April 26, a devastating nuclear disaster occurs at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Soviet Union.

Carbonic acid omitted from Lake Nyos on August 21 kills about seventeen hundred people.

An earthquake in El Salvador kills approximately fifteen hundred people on October 10.

NASA’s space shuttle Challenger explodes in mid air 73 seconds after launching killing all seven people on board.

Argentina defeats West Germany to win the world soccer cup.

Remarks: The first of many computer viruses render personal computers useless. Tracking these virus’s to those who are responsible for their disbursement, should be a priority of investigative agencies of law enforcement. The nuclear substances emitted from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant wreak havoc around the world for several years. An unusual occurrence in a lake kills many people. The Challenger launch was viewed by me on live television. I was shocked and saddened by this tragedy.


Our son was baptized in early February at the age of almost four months old. I continued to postpone the baptismal ceremony due to a sensing of the necessary requirement to plan and host a party after the event. Busy with a two year old, an infant and household responsibilities, I had no inclination, time, or extra motivation to move forward with party planning. Recognizing that we were waiting too long to have son baptized, spouse and I decided to skip the party plans and made arrangements with the Catholic Church to have son baptized. Brother and his fiancee’ were asked and accepted the responsibility of godparents. Mother, father, father in law, brother, his fiancee’, spouse, daughter, and I dined at a restaurant after this sacrament, to celebrate son’s baptismal.

At the end of February, we were invited by mother and father to attend with them a rustic resort in the Adirondack Mountain area of New York, for a few days. Mother and father had reserved a cabin for this excursion. The dining facility was contained in a lodge on the premises of the resort, requiring a short walk to dine. At night, the temperature dropped to an exceedingly low level most likely several degrees below zero Fahrenheit. The heat in the cabin was not working efficiently requiring me to sit with infant son during the night, near a fire in the fireplace of the cabin. I was very concerned that son, with red and chapped skin would become ill during this excursion. On the day of our departure, we quickly realized that the battery in our car was dead due to the bitterly cold temperature. We telephoned a local