was something that I wanted to forget. An employee of social services frightened me and so this abuse was not reported. At the same time, I did not want to become involved with a family who was obviously troubled. I also recognized at about this time, that other families seemed to have become more troubled. Infant son, a chubby boy, appeared to be happier when carried.

Historical Accounts 1987: 42

A Disneyland theme park is approved to open in France on March 34.

The Harmonic Convergence occurring on August 16-17, where the planets were exceptionally aligned, correlates with an ancient Mayan calendar.

A conference to discuss artificial life is sponsored in California from September 7-24.

A radiation accident occurring on September 13 in Brazil causes the deaths of several people and the demolition of several city blocks.

A typhoon on November 25 kills more than one thousand people in the Philippines.

The movie “Moonstruck” is released on December 16.

A Philippine passenger ship, the MV Dona Paz sinks on December 20 after colliding with an oil tanker killing all four thousand three hundred and seventy five people on board.

No missions occur for NASA this year.

Remarks: The French agree to absurdities as well. The grand tine is ushered in with the coming of the end of “Hell Cycles” beginning an age of “universal peace”. A conference to recognize artificial life is begun in the United States State of California. The “Moon hit’s one’s eye like a big pizza pie” in “Moonstruck”. NASA has no missions for this year.


In early January, spouse was dismissed from his job position due to the selling of the corporation and the subsequent mergers and acquisitions by other corporations, of the various divisions, within the sold corporation. The employees who decided to stay with the division of their assignment in the sold corporation were required to relocate to another area of the country, required by the purchasing corporation. Spouse and I although concerned about this situation of unemployment were confident that another job would be secured promptly as spouse had good credentials, experience in the industry, and spoke four languages fluently. Others in the family seemed to be more upset with this occurrence than spouse and I. During this time of unemployment, together we enjoyed our young family. Shortly following his dismissal, spouse procured a job with another corporation in his field of experience. This job was obtained with the employer knowing about spouse’s jobless situation. The salary offered was for slightly less than spouse’s salary at his previous job. Spouse and I were a bit disgruntled over this fact