A short vacation was taken to a mountainous area of New York State that offered a large animal park, horseback and pony riding, and a theme park. While attending the theme park, we boarded a small train that rode us around the facility. The train went through a wooded area where unexpectedly, “robbers” came out of the woods, boarded the train, and demanded gum or candy from the passengers. Daughter was petrified and began crying. I was annoyed that a theme park where most people should be having an enjoyable visit causes grief to some people, especially children.

Some of the toys that were popular at about this time included motorized vehicles and a talking animated bear that sang songs and told stories through a cassette tape inserted into the back of the bear. Another toy that was popular was a computerized doll that interacted with a child. How this toy operated is an enigma to me, to this day. The motorized vehicles I disliked immediately and refused to purchase this item for my children. I believed that these vehicles were depriving children of healthy and necessary physical exercise which is needed to build muscles, especially in growing children. I do not believe that I made this sentiment clear to family members however, as they purchased a motorized car for daughter and son for Christmas. Our children used this vehicle two times. Both times, my shins were the target for the little drivers of this car. When the battery died after two uses, I refused to recharge it and so the vehicle remained in our garage taking up space until it was finally discarded a few years later. The talking bear, also a popular toy, I ignorantly liked at that time. A toy like this confuses children into believing that machines are real living creatures. One can ponder the dangers of this situation. Another toy purchased for daughter was downright evil. This toy was a doll that conversed with people and spoke some very nasty language. As a matter of fact, some people who purchased the doll claimed that the doll spewed curse words. This doll was never played with by daughter as it appeared to frighten her and the doll too was eventually discarded.

Some businesses were marketed to appeal to children and provided adults with entertainment as well. One restaurant attended offered a large indoor playground for children. One piece of equipment was a structure containing many balls that children inside the structure played with. The last time this equipment was used by daughter and son was when I viewed another child vomit inside this structure. The restaurant also contained an animated animal band. These machines were larger than adult people and played various musical instruments, songs, and offered a comedy show, while patrons dined. Once again, ponder the dangers of animated machines that appear real.

The consequences of indoor play equipment, toys, and crazy play contraptions at establishments seemed to result in children acquiring more frequent viral and bacterial infections than in the past. This situation necessitated more frequent visits to a physician’s office where an antibiotic in the form of a pink liquid was prescribed. Patients were told to finish the bottle of antibiotic even if the symptoms of the cold were gone. So based on the frequency of illnesses and the body’s resistance to the antibiotic that occurs over time, the drug was reported during this time, to be losing its effectiveness. I also noticed that some parents were not dressing their children appropriately for cold weather. Hats and hoods were especially neglected to be put on children prior to venturing out into the cold. A short time